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Recertification/Refresher training is designed for licensed and certified Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers who are required to complete continuing education, for the purpose of maintaining their license or certification.

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AHA CPR & First Aid Test-out

Hours: 1.00 | Estimated Cost: $32.95

Testing with an AHA Instructor (Heartsaver or BLS, based on the course). The cognitive portion of eLearning courses can be completed online or through another computer-based or electronic medium. After successful completion of the cognitive portion of the program, students will receive a Part 1 completion certificate to be presented to the instructor before proceeding with Parts 2 (practice) and 3 (testing). Students should come into their skills testing session prepared to perform skills.

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Emergency Medical Responder with Healthcare Provider CPR

Hours: 76.00 | Estimated Cost: $357.80

Teaches and evaluates the knowledge/skills needed to respond to medical or trauma situations. It includes AED, Combitube, EpiPen, Spinal Immobilization, CPR and skills needed to assist the ambulance crew. This course meets Wisconsin and National licensure guidelines. Students receive an AHA Healthcare CPR card and FVTC Emergency Medical Responder certificate.

Dates & Registration regarding Emergency Medical Responder with Healthcare Provider CPR

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