Emergency Management & Procedures

Emergency Alerts

InformaCast is FVTC's safety notification service. Current program students and employees are automatically enrolled with their FVTC email address. You may also add a mobile number to your FVTC account to receive text alerts.

Inclement Weather

Fox Valley Tech will strive to remain open to serve students, unless weather conditions are inclement. Driving conditions may vary across the wide FVTC region. 

Campus Safety

The safety and security of Fox Valley Tech's students, staff and the general public who visit our campuses is a priority. We work hard to keep the campus safe.

  • Active Threat
  • Classroom Disturbance
  • Evacuation
  • Fire
  • Medical Emergency
  • Severe Weather

If an active threat occurs, initiate ALICE:

A - Alert

L - Lockdown

I - Inform

C - Counter

E - Evacuate

If you observe a disturbance, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 9-911 for police. Dial 4777 for Security.
  2. Limit staff or students from entering the area.

If an evacuation from the campus becomes necessary, the following procedures will be implemented:

  1. An announcement will be made giving specific directions for leaving the building(s) or parking lot(s).
  2. Remain outside until an “all clear” announcement is made.

Anyone seeing a fire should:

  1. Activate the nearest fire alarm.
  2. Dial 9-911 to report the fire.
  3. Leave the building via the closest available exit.
  4. Move to the emergency assembly areas.
  5. Remain outside until an “all-clear” announcement is made.

If you observe an individual with an apparent medical emergency, follow these steps:

  1. Assess the situation (i.e., unresponsiveness, pulse, breathing, bleeding).
  2. From any FVTC phone, call 9-911 for Emergency Services.
  3. Dial 4777 for Security.

When a tornado warning is issued for the area, the following steps are implemented:

  1. An announcement is made alerting students and staff of the warning.
  2. All students and staff should report to the designated shelter areas on the first floor. Stay clear of exterior doorways and windows.
  3. Remain in Designated Shelter area until an “all-clear” announcement is made.

For inquiries regarding Fox Valley Technical College campus emergencies due to inclement weather and other conditions, please call our campus emergency hotline:


(Appleton calling area)


(All other areas in district)

The hotline number will announce all official campus emergencies at the Appleton and Oshkosh campuses and all Regional Centers.