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Have you recently been charged with or convicted of an OWI/DUI offense? 



This course is for drivers who have been convicted of operating while intoxicated.

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This course is for drivers who have been convicted of operating while intoxicated more than once.

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You may only register for these classes if you have had an assessment and were referred to attend education. 

Convicted of failure to yield under Wisconsin statute 346.18 or looking to reduce your demerit point total on your driver's record? 

This course has been designed for you.


What is Traffic Safety School

The Traffic Safety School Program is a highway safety initiative aimed at reducing the number of traffic violations and crashes in Wisconsin. The Traffic Safety School Program is provided statewide by the Wisconsin Technical College System. The course consists of 12 hours of interactive education. Students receive information about defensive driving strategies, risks and consequences of aggressive driving, safety belts and air bags, Wisconsin traffic laws and penalties, speeding and crash risk and impaired driving. Students have many opportunities to self-assess their driving patterns and apply strategies to reduce their risk on the road. Students complete a Personal Change Plan to help them modify their high-risk driving behaviors. 

The Traffic Safety School Program is a valuable educational intervention for any driver. Most attendees to the program have a record of high-risk driving and have accumulated points on their driving record. Students who successfully complete the Traffic Safety School Program may be eligible to receive a three-point reduction from their driving record.

Students are only eligible to elect a 3-point reduction on their license once every three years. It is the student’s responsibility to know if they are eligible to receive a point reduction.

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You are expected to attend all class sessions. If you do not successfully complete the course, you must re-register and re-pay the full registration fee.

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