Student Life Services

In addition to offering a student community and events aimed at promoting balance, belongingness and support, Student Life also offers many other services to support students.

Student ID

It is free to get a Student ID card. Stop at Student Life at your nearest campus or regional center to request a Student ID card. 

*Note: There is a $5 fee to replace a lost card.

A current photo Student ID is required to: 

  • Rent a locker
  • Charge textbooks to your student account
  • Take tests in the Testing Center
  • Ride the Appleton Valley Transit bus for free
  • Use the Adult Education (AE) lab
  • Check out books in the FVTC library
  • Participate in free Student Life giveaways
  • Receive student pricing for Intramural athletics and tournaments
  • Get student pricing on FVTC trips
  • Purchase discount passes from Student Life
  • Use ping pong and foosball tables in the Student Life Center for free
  • Check out games in the Student Life Center: Nintendo Wii, ping pong, chess, checkers, board games, cards, etc.
  • Charge textbooks to your student account at the bookstore
Locker Usage Policy

1. A current student photo ID card is required to rent a locker.

2.  A fee of $10.00 will be charged to rent a locker for one year.  After December 31st,   the charge will be $5.00 for one half year. 

3. Once a locker has been rented, there are no refunds.

4. Once a locker has been assigned, it cannot be changed due to security reasons. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the Student Life Department.

5. Students may choose the locker location, based on availability.

6. The Student Life Department will not disclose the locker combination to anyone except the student who rented the locker. To receive the locker combination, the student who rented the locker, must present their current student photo ID card.

7. The locker should only be used by the person renting it. Giving out your locker combination is a violation of this policy. 

8. The rental period expires on May 26th.  Locker items should be removed by that date.  Any items remaining in the locker after that date will be disposed of.

9. Lockers are the property of Fox Valley Technical College. Student lockers can be relocated for college related activities.

10. No graffiti, stickers, or other items may be attached to outside of locker.

11. Renewal must be made by the student that is currently occupying the locker.

12. Student Life staff reserves the right to access any student locker to maintain safety and security of the college without prior notice.

You can request a locker in-person in the Student Life office.

FVTC Online Swap Board

Whether you are looking to purchase or want to sell books, a car, electronic equipment, or another item, the Swap Board can help. Perhaps you are looking for a place to live or want to share an apartment. The online Swap Board is available to students currently attending FVTC and staff members. Listed below are some frequently asked questions. If have additional questions, contact Student Life at 920-735-2545 or

Logging in to the Swap Board

Anyone may view posts. In order to create, edit or remove your own posts, you will need to log in.
Your "User ID" is your student or staff ID that you use to log in to MyFVTC, and to access your Email. Do not include ""
Your password is also the same as your MyFVTC/email password.


Is there a cost? No, all postings are free.
How long will my posting be accessible? Posting will remain on the Swap Board for a period of two weeks. 
What types of items can I post? The Swap Board encourages students and staff to post items for sale, books for sale, rideshare information, housing information and other items students may want information on. 
How many items can I post? Students and staff may post as many items as needed as long as the postings are not repetitive. 
Are all items accepted? No. Postings may not include information that contains inappropriate language, alcohol consumption or personal relationships. If your item is not appropriate for the Swap Board, you will be sent a denied request email to let you know. 
Who can use the Swap Board? Students and staff have access to post items. Anyone posting an item, must agree to terms of agreement as follows:

Swap Board Terms of Use

FVTC’s online Swap Board provides a service to students and staff to advertise at no cost items for sale and resources which assist in the educational process. By accessing this site, you are a user and agree to the terms below. If you do not accept and agree to the provisions, you will not have the ability to post items. FVTC has the right to accept, refuse or edit any postings submitted based on college policies and the student code of conduct. As a user, you accept and agree to the following:

  • All items posted will not contain inappropriate or vulgar language.

  • All items posted will not promote the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs or contain graphics that promote alcohol, drug or tobacco use.

  • All items posted will promote the sale of an specific item or resources to assist in the educational process.

  • All items posted will be posted for two weeks from the submission date.

  • All items posted are posted by the owner of the item or resources and any communication between buyer and seller is solely the responsibility of each party. The college is not liable for any misrepresentation of a posting.

  • The sale or exchange of information shall not violate and local, state or federal law.

  • The sale or exchange of information shall not violate any college policy

FVTC Swap Board

Student Life

Appleton Campus: Room E137
(Next to Commons)

Mon.-Thur.: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.  
Fri.: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Call: 920-735-2545
Email: Student Life