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Printed on 2/22/2018

Habitat and Land Use Management Specialist

20-057-4 Certificate (C) 15 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Responsible management of our natural resources is crucial for both our generation and those to come. Understanding the habitat resources we have on the landscape is fundamental to this management. Learn the technical skills required to be successful in gaining employment in both the public and private sectors. With this certificate, you’ll acquire hands-on skills and knowledge related to wildlife habitat management, soil and water conservation, landscape restoration techniques, along with wildland fire – both suppression and prescribed burning applications. Intended for Natural Resources Technician students who have completed their first-year program courses.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Wildlife Mgmt - Nongame and Hunted Species
Introduces wildlife ecology and management. The course focuses on habitat restoration and maintenance, deer management, wildlife damage control, ecological concepts and population dynamics.
Prereq: Exploring Natural Resources (10057104); Ecology (10057109); NR Common Topics (10057143); Written Communication (10801195); Math for Common Topics (10804117)
Soil and Water Conservation
Examines the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil in relation to water and wind erosion. The identification, planning and use of soil and water conservation practices are examined, and students study the relationship of soil fertility to conservation and management.
Prereq: Exploring Natural Resources (10057104); Ecology (10057109); NR Common Topics (10057143); Written Communication (10801195); Math for Common Topics (10804117)
Soil and Water Conservation/Engineering
Explores in greater detail soil and water conservation practices including planning, design, quantities, cost lists and field layout. Auto level, theodolite and laser level will be used throughout class. Field locations will help familiarize students with the standards and specifications used in the design of structural and vegetable erosion control practices. Proper construction and maintenance of these practices are stressed.
Prereq: Surveying 1 (10057106); Exploring Natural Resources (10057104); Ecology (10057109); NR Common Topics (10057143); Soil and Water Conservation (10057134); Written Communication (10801195); Math for Common Topics (10804117)
Plant Identification
Provides a basic study of the trees, grasses, herbs and aquatics of Wisconsin. The class focuses on the principal species of seven major plant communities: forest, bog, agriculture, prairie, marsh, shrub and beach.
Wildfire Intro S130/S190/L180
Prepares new firefighters in basic firefighting skills and behavior factors that will aid them in the safe and effective control of wildland fires.
S212 Wildland Fire Chain Saws
Provides introduction to the function, maintenance and use of internal combustion engine-powered chainsaws and their tactical wildland fire application.
Prereq: Wildfire Intro S130/S190/L180 (10057160 or 10057160) and Emergency Medical Responder (10531104) or First Responder (10531105) or current certification in basic First Aid and CPR or not pursuing a degree
Prescribed Fire
Consists of student participation in prescribed fire application for management and fuel reduction objectives. Emphasis will be on safety, ignition patterns and holding crews.
Prereq: Wildfire Intro S130/S190/L180 (10058160) OR not pursuing a degree
Fire Prep
Prepares the student for fire season. Topics include writing burn plans, burn site checks, equipment inventory, organization and maintenance.

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