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Printed on 5/22/2018

Global Advantage Professional

20-140-9 Certificate (C) 12 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

The Global Advantage Professional certificate offers a variety of technical or general education courses with internationalized content and at least one global education course. You’ll gain global awareness, be introduced to international dimensions of your field of study, and will develop cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Select a total of 3 credits from these options
Global Understanding
Develop global perspectives while acquiring skills to effectively work in global environments. Learners compare and contrast patterns of work related practices. Topics include the impact of geography, history, religion, and politics in shaping behaviors and social interactions like; non-verbal communication, negotiating, conflict management, team work, decision making and motivation.
Global Leadership & Professional Development
This course emphasizes global leadership and professional development, focusing on academics, professionalism, and personal growth. Students will learn about key global leadership principles and how to apply the principles to their personal, professional, and academic life. The course provides training for future “agents of change” professionals with global awareness.
Working Effectively Across Cultures
This course is designed to address the needs of today’s increasing global business environment by exploring the impact of culture on work behavior, evaluating workplace cultural scenarios, and building a practical set of tools to effectively interact across cultures, in order to excel in today’s business environment.
International Professional Field Studies
Provides students with an opportunity to study/work in their program area in a foreign country. They learn the fundamentals of the language spoken in the country they are visiting as well as gain an understanding of the values and behaviors of a different society and workplace.
Intercultural Communication
Sensitizes students to the needs and expectations of people of other cultures and introduces skills necessary for effective intercultural communication. Topics include appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication patterns, business and social etiquette, and intercultural negotiation strategies. Students will also examine universal systems, cultural values and problems associated with language diversity.
Elective: Choice of Foreign Language
Choice of Foreign Language such as: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hmong, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Select a total of 9 credits from these options
Principles of Inventory Management
Provides an operational knowledge and understanding of inventory management principles and techniques, sourcing strategies, the fundamental role of purchasing, purchase order management, ordering and stocking techniques, roles and responsibilities, and the impact inventory has on a business. The course provides practical examples and exercises, giving participants an opportunity to learn and practice inventory management techniques and concepts.
Intro to Psychology
Focuses on the theoretical foundation of human functioning and looks at learning, motivation, emotions, personality, deviance and pathology, physiological factors and social influences. Students consider the complexities of human relationships in personal, social and vocational settings.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
Oral/Interpersonal Comm
Focuses on developing various communication skills including speaking and listening. Students practice intrapersonal/interpersonal and nonverbal communication skills through oral presentations, group activities and written projects.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
Office Fundamentals
Focuses on the development of fundamental office skills. Students will gain skill in general office duties, records retention and maintenance, application of office technologies, verbal and written communication, and customer service.
Technical Drafting 1
Covers concepts from the initial design process to the generation of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) documents that precisely and graphically describes a part. Students will learn common industry drafting practices as well as CAD standards and guidelines. The course will lay down the proper groundwork for the Technical Drafting 2 course.
Coreq: Math-Technical Intermediate (10804126) or Math-Technical 1 (10804121) or College Tech Math 1 (10804115) or College Tech Math 1B (10804114)
Technical Drafting 2
A continuation of Technical Drafting 1. Topics include descriptive geometry, intersections and developments, and working drawings. CAD experience is required.
Prereq: Technical Drafting 1 (10606113) or Technical Drafting 1B (10606113B); Coreq: Math-Technical 2 (10804122) or Math-Technical Advanced (10804127) or College Tech Math 2 (10804116)
Employment Law
Introduces employment and labor law. This course emphasizes human resource management and labor relations. It explores employment and labor and social issues in the work environment through the laws that govern the employer/union and employer/employee relationships.
APICS CSCP-Cert. Supply Chain Professional
Is a 54-hour course designed for people preparing to take the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) examination. In addition to a thorough review of the scope of the exam, a practice examination, test-taking tips, and information on registration procedures are presented.
Intro to Ethics: Theory & App
Provides a basic understanding of ethical theories and uses diverse ethical perspectives to analyze and compare relevant issues. Students will critically evaluate individual, social and/or professional standards of behavior and apply a systematic decision-making process to these situations.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
Supply Chain Management, Introduction
Introduces the key concepts of supply chain management. Learn tips, techniques and best practices in supply chain operations. Students will stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments and technologies in supply chain management.
Global Transportation Industries
Explores any aspect of the transportation industries internationally. You will be exposed to how the industry is defined in different countries. Understand how the culture affects the work environment. With the use of the internet you will explore your topic in different parts of the world. Using the discussion board in Black Board you will share your findings and discuss with others in the class the results of your research.

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