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Printed on 5/27/2018

Criminal Investigator

20-504-13 Certificate (C) 16 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Locations*: Appleton, Online

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Law enforcement officers, private investigators and crime scene technicians who want to learn the basics of criminal investigations should consider this certificate. You’ll learn how to contain the crime scene and identify and collect evidence. Investigators also photograph the crime scene, interview witnesses and interrogate suspects. You’ll learn how to conduct computer crime investigations too. You will be ready to assume the duties of a criminal investigator.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Introduction to Forensic Science
Explores the applications of science in the field of crime scene management from the crime scene to the courtroom and beyond. Students will focus on the examination and reconstruction of various crime scenes with the emphasis on the identification, collection, documentation and preservation of physical evidence.
Prereq: ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills score 83 or greater and Reading score 54 or greater or completion of program prep courses OR not pursuing a degree. Coreq: A.C.E. (94900315) for Forensic Science students only
Interview & Interrogation
Covers legal issues and a working knowledge of interview and interrogation techniques in agreement with current legal stipulations. Learn various forms of communications including verbal and nonverbal, as well as written statement analysis. Students will be instructed in appropriate interview techniques, the interviewing of victims and witnesses and interrogation techniques. Characteristics of the sociopath/psychopathic personality types will be examined. Students will also learn how to prepare for and testify in a court of law.
Prereq: Report Writing (10504905), OR active in Forensic Science degree, OR Criminal Investigator Certificate, OR enrolled in any Criminal Justice-related ITS degree.
Basic Crime Scene Photography
Designed to develop basic skills in preparing effective crime scene photographs and to instruct the student in the type of photographs necessary, as well as the lighting needed for good crime scene photography. This course will educate the crime scene investigator, homicide detective, sworn law enforcement officer, rape detective, arson investigator, domestic violence investigator, and other law enforcement personnel in the aspects of photography and provide the skills needed to apply this technology in the crime scene investigation field and/or related areas. This course is offered online in fall term and on-campus in spring term.
Coreq: Introduction to Forensic Science (10504110)
Private Investigations, Introduction to
A study of investigations in the private and corporate sectors. Topics include investigative techniques relating to open record laws and searches, techniques of surveillance, employee screening, evidence collection, insurance fraud investigations, interviewing techniques, sources of information, and computer and other technology used in research. Applicable state statutes of attendees will be researched, and licensing requirements discussed.
CCI: Computer Crime Investigation
Provides students with the skills, knowledge and ability to conduct computer crime investigations. Students will learn investigative protocols that can be applied to various types of computer crimes, focusing on the collection of evidence to initiate a criminal prosecution.
CCI: Investigating Internet Crime
Provides students with an understanding of the nature of crimes being committed on the Internet and the skills necessary to successfully investigate Internet-related crime. Students will learn various investigative techniques, protocols and technical tools necessary to identify offenders and acquire evidence to build a prosecutable case.

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