Today's construction environment demands employees who are skilled and committed to providing high-quality workmanship. Training benefits employees by improving their professional expertise, while your organization benefits from a more qualified workforce. Fox Valley Technical College offers basic, advanced and specialized technical training to meet the needs of your business.

Featured Customized Training

  • Commercial Construction Skills

    Equip your new employees or general laborers with skills for the commercial construction industry. Each general industry course or occupational workshop includes instruction plus hands-on experience working with commercial construction principles.

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  • Construction Drawings Online/Virtual

    Working with and developing construction drawings are critical skills for frontline workers, engineers, project managers and coordinators. Create a custom training that addresses basic construction print reading, drawing fundamentals, and drawing design using software tools standard to the residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors.

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  • Mold Management

    Mold management continues to be a growing issue for environmental health. Training focuses on early detection signs and evaluation options. Participants will draft a model which depicts an effective mold management plan for a simulated facility. Learn about mold identification and management, as well as remediation options. The training is ideal for anyone who develops or maintains a mold management program.

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  • Practical Property Training

    Fox Valley Technical College *Practical Property Training* features four (4) course options to provide an understanding of residential and commercial construction for property and casualty claims professionals. The training addresses terminology, practices and estimating for residential and commercial properties. Hands-on courses, scheduled seminars and customized training options make this the industry choice.

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  • Sustainable Design & Construction Online/Virtual

    There is an increasing demand in the construction industry to understand how sustainable construction practices and materials can be applied to new and existing structures. Fox Valley Technical College offers training in sustainable design and construction techniques to help you stay current in this evolving industry.

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You May Also Be Interested In

  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue

    Employers who already have a confined space program are required to evaluate the effectiveness of their program and make changes if necessary. Employees who have been previously trained may need refresher training. By following the program outlined in this training, employers will comply with the OSHA standard.

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  • Electrical Skills

    Our electrical skills training is designed to provide a wide variety of skill sets needed to work in the industrial and construction related fields. Customized training includes topics such as: basic electrical theory, electrical print reading, electrical power systems and troubleshooting.

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  • Fall Protection

    Preventing falls is of major importance in many industries, but the difficulty is in understanding at what height fall protection is required and on what types of equipment. As of November 2016, the OSHA requirement was updated requiring any employee exposed to a fall hazard or required to wear a Personal Fall Arrest System to be trained by May 17, 2017. This training provides an overview of the latest information and technology for fall protection, including the principles of fall protection, components of a fall arrest system and the limitations of all arrest equipment.

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  • National Electrical Code

    National Electrical Code training offered by Fox Valley Technical College examines the definitions, enforcement issues and the code-making cycle, and how occupancies affect the electrical installation process. Participants practice finding information using an easy-to-follow procedure and become familiar with the types of information found within the code book.

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  • OSHA 10-hr & OSHA 30-hr Voluntary Compliance

    Staff responsible for implementing safety procedures in the workplace, on construction sites, and general industry personnel who oversee construction contractors and/or subcontractors should participate in this *OSHA Voluntary Compliance Series* for general industry or construction.

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  • Project Management Online/Virtual

    Project managers, members of project teams, contractors and managers will benefit from learning new project management tools and skills from FVTC. This training takes you through the entire project management cycle of planning, scheduling and controlling a major project.

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  • Wood Technologies

    Traditional and new technologies of the wood products manufacturing industry are offered, including training in the fields of cabinet making, furniture, millwork and specialty products. Additional training opportunities are available in the safe and efficient use of a wide variety of hand and power tools, as well as computer-controlled machines used to manufacture wood products.

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