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The increasing demand for health and human services is expected to continue for decades. Health care providers, human service organizations and employers understand that training is needed to respond to these increasing demands. Fox Valley Technical College draws on its expertise as a training and service provider to help your organization meet its health and human service needs.

Featured Customized Training

  • CPR & First Aid

    Gain valuable skills to respond to workplace emergencies. On-site training is available for businesses seeking group AHA CPR, first aid or related training.

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  • Human Patient Simulation

    FVTC has expanded our health simulation education, technology and training for health care employers. With our family of human patient simulators of all ages, we are able to bring employers the latest technology in human simulation. Simulated care experiences from basic assessment to complex multi-organ failure are available in a facility which serves as a virtual hospital setting.

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  • Human Services Professional Development

    Those in helping professions need opportunities to recharge and invest in their own personal or career development. Topics can be adapted to the audience or agency for onsite in-services, conference workshops or staff renewal days.

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  • IV Skills for Health Professionals

    Medical professionals can refresh IV skills or develop new IV competencies through training offered in a short course or a multi-day format. Common topics including IV insertions, techniques, addressing complications and other considerations when performing IV therapy.

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  • Medical Assistant Scribe Specialist

    Medical assistant scribes typically document the verbal communication between the patient and the health care professional providing real-time documentation during medical examinations of physician notes within the electronic health record.

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  • Medication Assistant

    A Medication Assistant is prepared to pass unit/multi dose medications and perform non-sterile treatments in a skilled nursing facility under the supervision of an RN or LPN. Medication Assistants have been proven to be a cost effective means to utilize staff and ease the nursing shortage. FVTC's Medication Assistant Certificate was developed by the Wisconsin Technical Colleges and meets the guidelines established by HFS 132 under the supervision of the Bureau of Quality Assurance and the state Pharmacy Consultant.

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  • Oral Health & the Aging Adult

    Healthcare providers strengthen their understanding of daily oral care on the aging adult. Use the training as an in-service continuing education while meeting the challenge of oral care needs of aging adults for an extended and improved life.

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  • Personal & Emotional Well-being Online/Virtual

    Personal and emotional wellness is central to healthy work relationships, improved personal productivity and having a sense of purpose. Enriching workshops and in-service sessions can be taught as part of your overall wellness or employee continuing education programming.

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  • Phlebotomy for Healthcare Professionals

    Perform phlebotomy with confidence and deliver quality patient service. Whether you work as a medical assistant, RN, LPN, phlebotomist or other healthcare professional, the customized training or skill refreshing instruction from our accredited instructors provides you the knowledge needed to protect specimen integrity. Hands-on instruction focuses on venipuncture and capillary collection techniques, equipment, safety and specimen handling.

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You May Also Be Interested In

  • CBRF Fire Safety

    CBRF Fire Safety training meets requirements of Wisconsin DHS 83.20 (2) (b) as mandated by the Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living. The required 3-hour training is taught by certified trainers featuring instructor-led content, simulated exercises and a written qualification test. Learn the fundamentals of avoiding fire risks and quick response techniques during a fire emergency in an adult residential care facility.

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