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Human Resources & Workplace Skills

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Benefit from a variety of training solutions that are available to help resolve critical employee-related issues in the workplace.
FVTC training and technical services lead to increased compliance levels, improved productivity and morale, effective human resource practices and overall employee effectiveness.


Featured Customized Training

Career Transitions

Now what? This is the question when faced with being downsized. Fox Valley Technical College works with employers who anticipate the need to transition employees into other careers because of displacement, job reassignment or department reorganization. Employment and career counseling services can be customized and developed with a focus on moving employees forward and assisting them with exploring career options.

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Creative & Critical Thinking

Thinking critically and creatively are practical skills anyone can learn, practice and improve. These skills enable us to think effectively, make critical decisions and solve problems. When we think effectively, we have greater control over our personal and professional lives. Fox Valley Technical College can provide easy-to-learn approaches that help employees at all levels of an organization be more effective and creative problem solvers, innovators and workplace contributors.

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Critical Core Workplace Skills

The *Critical Core Workplace Skills* training gives your employees the tools they need to meet the changing demands of today's workplace and deliver consistently high performance. Customized materials suitable for manufacturing and other work environments combine powerful training content with real-world application. Each training module focuses on a specific skill in one of four key areas: productivity, problem solving, teamwork and adaptability. Modules can be offered as single sessions or grouped into a customized training package geared to your business objectives, timeline and budget.

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You have heard of diversity, multiculturalism, discrimination, generational and minority issues, but do you really understand how they can affect your organization? Is your organization complying with federal and state discrimination laws? FVTC offers interactive seminars and customized training that address the benefits and potential challenges resulting from a workforce composed of different ethnic groups, races, genders, ages, generations and abilities.

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Fox Valley Technical College can provide easy-to-learn approaches that help employees at all levels of an organization make better ethical decisions. Learn how to define what is right, fair, honest and legal for your organization. Ethics training teaches the benefits of ethical behavior and the impacts of poor ethical choices. Learn techniques to help you make ethical decisions or respond to ethical conflicts.

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Human Resources

The field of human resource management is dynamic and demanding. Fox Valley Technical College provides customized training solutions using our resource network of human resource professionals. Service options cover the spectrum of human resource areas including pre-employment assessment, employee relations, interviewing, recruitment and hiring, and training and development.

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Respectful Workplace

Make each work day a positive one by examining your attitudes and behaviors and by learning strategies to be proactive in promoting workplace respect. Become familiar with your organization's policies and laws. Learn the factors which influence your attitude about your workplace and acknowledge that all people have an equal right to work in a respectful workplace. Respectful workplace training will teach you ways to deal with disrespectful behavior and recognize workplace harassment.

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Sexual Harassment

The awareness-level training identifies different types of sexual harassment and the effects sexual harassment has on the individual and the workplace. Topics related to laws, liabilities and complaints are addressed.

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Team Development & Team Building

Teamwork is essential at every level in every organization. Team development and team building services provide the foundation for a strong workplace environment. FVTC offers a range of customized training, consultative and facilitation services in the area of team development and formation - *from the frontline to the boardroom*. Services are provided by a wide range of technical consultants, each with a unique focus and approach.

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Workplace Relationships

Understanding the boundaries of workplace relationships is essential for new supervisors when managing their role and relationship with direct reports. Training focuses on the friendly vs. friend and the distinction between friend and supervisor.

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Facilitation Skills

Are you conducting meetings, solving problems with teams or implementing lean projects? Get results by learning how to balance the process and content needed to facilitate. Fox Valley Technical College provides skilled facilitators for your next meeting, problem solving or improvement project. We also provide customized facilitation training to build employee skills and improve meeting effectiveness.

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Strategic Planning & Deployment

Strategy is more than a plan. Strategy yields targeted results through focused action. Fox Valley Technical College's strategic planning services are focused on helping business leaders change their results. We partner with FVTC facilitators or senior business advisors who are dedicated to developing and deploying strategy.

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New and experienced trainers can benefit from FVTC's Train-the-Trainer workshops and customized services by learning how to develop and conduct effective training. The focus is on interactive training and accelerated learning methods. A featured service is the *Train-the-Trainer Certificate Series* ideal for those responsible for designing, delivering and assessing training.

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