Explore the range of training, seminar and assessment services for the full spectrum of the transportation industry. Topic areas include automotive technologies, collision repair and estimating, decision driving skills, aviation, motorcycle, truck driving, and tractor and farm equipment. The J.J. Keller Transportation Center provides an environment conducive to both instructor-led and hands-on training while industry experts work with you to customize content and delivery on transportation topics.

Featured Customized Training

  • Auto Mechanical & Collision Repair

    Your auto technicians and collision repair specialists need on-going training to stay abreast of industry changes and the latest repair, replace and maintenance trends. Look to FVTC's industry experts and quality facilities for your next employee training initiative. Our training environment is conducive to both instructor-led and hands-on training. Our instructors work with you to customize content and delivery on a wide range of automotive-related topics.

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  • Aviation

    FVTC's aviation assets make the College an ideal training partner for those organizations in aviation-related enterprises. Your needs will dictate the training solution delivered with customized training available in aircraft electronics, aviation simulation and aviation maintenance.

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  • Decision Driving (Skid Pad)

    Drivers may over estimate their skills and under estimate their vehicles capabilities, often resulting in crashes, injury or death. Workshop maneuvers are designed to sharpen your driving skills to prevent and reduce the severity of collisions. Our mission is to introduce driving skills needed to avoid loss of life, pain and suffering and financial expense. Workshops are conducted on a road course, designed by safety engineers, to simulate common emergency situations that test a drivers limitations and vehicles capabilities. Drivers get hands-on experience at the FVTC Wisconsin Decision Driving Center (WDDC) while training under safe, controlled conditions.

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  • Diesel Mechanics

    Diesel technicians with advanced diagnostic troubleshooting and analysis skills are in demand and improve productivity on the shop floor. FVTC offers a unique training experience for employers using our fleet of 50 diesel-powered tractors. Our customized training provides a unique blend of instruction and "in the shop" experiences. This training environment builds technical expertise and helps participants learn the sophisticated equipment used to diagnose and correct diesel-related problems.

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  • Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification (EVTCC)

    *Emergency Vehicle Technician* (EVT) training helps municipalities improve the reliability and safety of their emergency vehicles and provides technicians with a valuable credential that reflects mastery-level skill and knowledge. Bring EVT training to your municipality or region and get the education, training and experience your technicians need for the service and repair of emergency vehicles. Training is offered through a joint FVTC/Pierce Manufacturing partnership in collaboration with the EVT Certification Commission.

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  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety

    Fox Valley Technical College, **in cooperation with J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.,** the nation's leading supplier of safety and compliance solutions, offers training aimed at cutting through the myriad of confusing regulations to give you what is needed to effectively run your transportation business. Popular seminars and training include *How to Survive a CSA Audit*, *DOT A to Z Workshop*, *Hazardous Materials Certification Seminar* and *Forklift Safety Training-the-Trainer Workshop*.

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  • First Responder Hybrid Vehicle Extrication

    Fox Valley Technical College joined the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) to provide the latest in hybrid electric information as it relates to extrication safety and approach. This NAFTC-developed curriculum provides information to make informed decisions during extrication procedures. Airbag and vehicle structural information is also covered. Consider the benefits of arranging a customized training session for your first responders.

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  • Hazardous Materials—DOT Requirements

    Learn about characteristics of various hazardous materials from each of the nine designated DOT classes. The course identifies methods used to determine the presence of hazardous materials at an incident site, and outlines protective safety measures and procedures to follow to control hazardous materials.

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  • Train-the-Trainer for Truck Drivers

    The FVTC Truck Driving Train-the-Trainer five-day course is designed to help trucking firms address critical driver shortages facing the industry. Those completing the series are qualified to provide additional workplace training as part of the Industry Partnership Program while fulfilling insurance and liability requirements. Trainers successfully completing the series work one-on-one with new drivers in the workplace to make them a safe, integral part of the company's driving force.

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  • Truck Driving Customized & Refresher Training

    The Fox Valley Technical College Transportation Center prides itself on the fact we have the professionalism and industry knowledge to customize our programs to meet your specific needs. Customized training includes industry partnership programs, refresher and remedial training, driver evaluations, third-party testing and examiner training, twin-trailer operations, and school bus or motor coach training. Together we can make our nation's highways a safer place.

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  • Truck Driving Industry Partnership Program

    Fox Valley Technical College, an industry leader in truck driver training, can provide the staff, equipment, and expertise to prepare your employees for a successful driving career. Your employees will receive up to 160 hours of lab, and on-the-road instruction while working toward a Class 'A' or 'B' Commercial Driver's License. They will also attend a one-day Decision Driving Workshop. Classes are up to four weeks in length and start dates vary, depending on availability.

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  • OSHA Forklift & Lift Truck

    OSHA's "Forklift Rule" requires operators of powered industrial trucks to be trained in their safe operation. The training must consist of classroom and hands-on instruction that is worksite and vehicle specific. Employers must verify that the required training and evaluation has been conducted and the operator is competent to safely perform an operator's duties. Individuals or small groups of employees looking for classroom and hands-on forklift/lift truck training can view scheduled [OSHA Forklift Classroom Seminars]( and [OSHA Forklift Hands-on Seminars](

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