Meet the eLearning & Technology Solutions Team

Our team is an unusual mix of technical professionals and educational experts. Degreed professionals in learning design will help you assess your team’s current skill levels and create platforms to attain higher levels of performance. Multimedia specialists can create AR/VR environments, engaging graphics, even mobile apps that hold a learner’s interest while achieving training goals.

jay stulo FVTC eLearning & Technology Solutions director

Jay Stulo


Our leader has the CV of a true techie with degrees in computer science, information technology and 18 years in creating learning technology environments. But the really cool thing about Jay is he’s an award-winning blues guitarist who performs throughout the Midwest. If you want to get him started, ask him about the parallels between music performance and computer science. It’s his kind of creative leadership that makes a difference.

Kim Buechel FVTC eLearning & Technology Solutions manager

Kim Buechel


Somebody has to keep us all on track and that’s where Kim excels. She is the link between our customers and our development team and recommends strategy, content, and platforms to meet training goals. She has 18 years’ experience plus a graduate degree in learning design and performance systems which makes her our resident educator. She’s a list maker, an organizer, and in her spare time is always planning her next adventure or vacation across the country.


Multimedia Developer

When your project is in development, Bonnie is one of the people who combines audio, animations, video, special effects, and graphics to create magic. Her job calls for wild creativity, software know-how, and understanding of your training goals. She spends her days on computer screens, so in her off hours she likes to play Bingo with her mom. Bingo? Yep. She says it reminds her of sleepovers at her grandma’s house and we think that’s refreshingly low-tech.


Software Engineer

Brett might be the ultimate techie’s techie. He leads a team of developers to design, plan and implement customized software used in our multimedia solutions and he also researches new technologies. When we asked him about his geeky past times, we can see how he earned a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. For fun he developed software that detects commercials in recorded TV programs, solved thousands of Soduko puzzles, created a 3D maze, and more. But the coolest thing? He programmed control of his SleepNumber bed into his home automation system.


Multimedia Developer

For Celia, training needs to be memorable, meaningful, and motivational. To her, the user experience (UX) is the most important part of eLearning and she believes you can't have great UX without 508 accessibility. Celia strives to be an early adaptor as new technology emerges so she can always offer custom up-to-date training options. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring nature, reading, investing, and upping her minimalism and carbon neutrality games.


Multimedia Developer

Chad has been working in video editing for more than 30 years and as a developer he shoots video, designs, and implements training content for our customers. His degree is in video production and telecommunications and he’s at home in a variety of software platforms. When he’s not working, he configures multiple TVs in his home to watch several sporting events at once. Sort of like his own private sports bar!


Mobile Applications Developer

If you are creating augmented or virtual reality, Josh is the guy. He’s immersed in our specialty software that allows us to create 3D experiences, gaming environments, and more. His ninja skills make him one of our secret weapons. In his free time he enjoys playing in soccer leagues, fishing, kayaking, hiking, 3D printing & design and boating.


Multimedia Quality Control Specialists

Your project isn’t done until Katie says it’s done. As our quality control person, she reviews every piece of content before it’s released by double checking projects against our quality assurance procedures. In her spare time, she’s a big reader and usually scans the documents and books she reads for errors. Yep, she’s exactly the kind of person you want in QA.


Learning & Development Designer

For 20 years, Kris has been creating learning content across a variety of learning platforms. She has specific training in instructional design and uses her experience to create engaging content that supports knowledge retention (that means people actually learn from her projects!). She’s a passionate advocate for the learner and keeps their point of view in her work. Off hours, she’s a devotee of English language history—ask her about the interrobang. 


Software Engineer

Marina develops web and mobile device apps for our customers—it’s all about making training accessible for today’s employees. Her skills allow us to put intuitive learning at someone’s fingertips. Her interests parallel her work as she’s into artificial intelligence and self-organization theories. Go ahead, Google it--we did.


Software Engineer

Pam is our resident concert groupie who loves live music and the swag that goes with them. She loves crafting keychains, t-shirts, magnets, and other fun things to hand out at concerts. We love that she is wicked skilled at coding and building systems that allow our customers to track training programs. Pam's grand adventure in life is forever seeking the friendship and fun of concerts all over the world with her husband, occasionally on a cruise ship with all of her favorite bands. One day, she hopes to include her 3 beautiful grandchildren on her musical adventures.


Quality Assurance Analyst

If you groove on the pings, whirs, clicks, and swishes that make an app or computer site come to life, you’ve appreciated Tom’s work. His skills create the sounds that make a virtual space seem more realistic and elevate the learning experience. Sure, he has a degree in computer stuff, but what really sealed his professional journey was middle school. He invented a musical instrument called “The Nail Scale,” which involved pounding nails into wood, adjusting their depth to tune them, and then playing the instrument by hitting the nails with a screwdriver. What did you do in 6th grade?


Multimedia Developer

There has to be at least one Anime fan in a media division and Tou carries that torch. By day he’s charged with integrating motion graphics, animation, and 3D modeling into our learning platforms. In his off hours he collects Spider-man and Batman comic books and attends Anime conventions. His top two favorite Anime are Naruto and One Piece.

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