Instructional Design

Where Your Solutions Start

You know you have a problem but how do you determine the best solution? How do you bring your team to the next level? Where should you start? Let us help. The key to any successful training is planning and strong design. You know what you need to accomplish, let us help you figure out the best way to get there.

Meet & Plan

Identify Deliverables


Publish & Release

Instructional design helps focus the training so it successfully accomplishes your goals. We can help you design training that is focused, outcome driven, aligned to your company’s strategic goals, and engaging for your learners.

eLearning is only successful when your staff walks away with new skills, a new understanding of company materials, or a new way to solve problems. And successful eLearning starts with a firm foundation in instructional design. From this foundation, we can build long eLearning courses, microlearning modules, mobile learning, or realistic simulations.

What our Instructional Design team can do for you:

  • Listen to your goals and create personalized training and curriculum based on your expectations, your customers, your business, and your previous experiences with training.
  • Solidify your business needs. We can help you find the right path to employee success.
  • Determine the best type of content delivery for your company. eLearning, mobile learning, virtual environments, rapid content conversion, and microlearning are all options we can provide based on what works best for your employees and your training needs.
  • Evaluate training effectiveness. We’ll work with your team to ensure you and your employees are satisfied with the results. We can provide ongoing support including content updates, content changes, and alternate delivery platforms.

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