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Tools for Talent Development

Employees in today’s workforce must possess a diverse range of skills in order to rise to the top. During these complimentary sessions, you will learn hard and soft skills to help you grow and succeed in your career. Fox Valley Technical College has the tools to develop the talent of your workforce!

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Training tools to develop workforce talent
  • Developing hard and soft skills to help you grow professionally
  • Workforce development solutions
  • Leadership, management and interpersonal skills that drive company growth
Session Options

**Hands-on Assessments for Manufacturing**

*Presented By: Marie Hechimovich, Assessment for Business*

Is your organization hiring employees or promoting existing personnel? FVTC can help! We offer four hands-on assessment devices. Employers use these assessment tools to make a more educated hiring decision. They may also assess the skill level of their current workforce to create a training plan. These assessments provide objective data, standardized results and insights into your candidate so you can improve your quality of hire and bottom line. See our validated hands-on manufacturing skills assessments in action!

*Learn About:*

  • The popular hands-on assessment options used for manufacturing-related positions
  • What the candidate/incumbent experiences during the assessment
  • The benefits of pre-employment assessment to help make the best possible hiring decision
  • How assessment can help identify training needs amongst current staff

**Outlook Tips and Tricks**

*Presented By: Lindsay Spilman, Business and Industry Services*

In business today, email has become the primary means of communication. Increasing your capabilities and knowledge within Microsoft Outlook can not only reduce frustration, but greatly increase productivity. In this session, we will look at tips and tricks for navigating around Microsoft Outlook.

*Learn About:*

  • Capabilities within Outlook
  • Commands for increasing productivity
  • Setting up your Outlook Environment

**Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Total Immersion vs. Total Integration**

*Presented By: Jay Stulo, Learning Innovations*

Chances are you have heard of virtual reality, but what about augmented reality? Both of these technologies are closer than you think and are projected to become an $80 Billion industry by 2025.

*Learn About:*

  • Potential for VR-based training and more

**Virtual Reality for Welding **

*Presented By: Garrett Kaminski, Welding*

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies enables businesses the ability to cut expenses while sustaining the learning experience. Explore VR for welding, through this hands-on breakout session.

*Learn About:*

  • Identifying how VR can create a safe learning environment for beginning welders
  • Developing seasoned welders to enhance and perfect their skills
Event Agenda

***7:30 - 8:00 AM***

Networking & Registration

***8:00 - 8:50 AM***

Welcome and Keynote

Presentation: Cyber Security from a Business Perspective

Presented By: Wendy Diem - Information Technologies Instructor

***9:00 - 9:50 AM***

Training Session 1

***10:00 - 10:50 AM***

Training Session 2

***11:00 - 11:50 AM***

Training Session 3

Benefits & Outcomes
  • These sample offerings are brief complimentary sessions which provide a sampling of strategies and offerings
  • Networking
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