Equipment & Technology Rentals

Fox Valley Technical College offers a full array of specialized equipment and technology to benefit your organization. Specialized equipment includes, but is not limited to, the list below.

Specialized Equipment & Technology

ABB Robotics

State-of-the-art technology that delivers factory-based automation training & seminars in the workplace.

Collision Damage Assessment Lab

Use the latest technologies and methods which includes the use of actual vehicles during the training process.

Computer & e-Learning Labs

E-Learning Connect Room is a state-of-the-art classroom supporting flexible learning and meeting options. It can be rented for both half-day and full-day use.

Flight Simulator

Aircraft Fleet

5 Cessna 172 SP

  • 180 HP engine

  • 110 Knots Cruise Speed

  • KAP140 2-Axis Autopilot

  • KLN94 GPS

  • Bendix King Multi Function Display (MFD)

  • Dual KX-155 Nav/Comm

2 Beechcraft Duchess

  • 180 HP per side

  • 140 Knots Cruise Speed

  • KLN94 GPS

  • Dual KX-155 Nav/Comm

  • Updated interior

Flight Training Devices (FTD)

  • Frasca Tru-Flite (Beechcraft Duchess Multi Engine FTD)

  • Frasca Mentor (C172 equipped with G1000 Avionics FTD)

  • Frasca 142 (C172 or Beechcraft Duchess FTD)

  • Frasca 141 (C172 FTD)

Human Patient Simulator

FVTC has expanded our health care simulation education and training to health care employers. With our ensemble of human patient simulators, we are able to bring employers the newest technology in human simulation. We can create simulated care experiences from basic assessment to complex multi-organ failure. 

  • 14 human patient simulators 8 hospital beds and observation/control rooms to monitor care

  • 6 clinical settings that serve as fully-functional patient rooms

  • 1 ambulance simulator, virtual human dissection table, high-tech phlebotomy lab and mock apartment to simulate common physical activities—all housed in a three-story facility

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your employees’ clinical care and assessment skills or for competency-based training, contact Fox Valley Technical College today for a complimentary consultation visit. Let FVTC be part of your continuing education plan.

Instructional Television (ITV)

Through the use of fiber optic technology, classes are telecast live to multiple locations simultaneously with one instructor teaching to all sites from one originating site.

Jones Dairy Farm Culinary Theatre

The Jones Dairy Farm Culinary Theatre at Fox Valley Technical College is Wisconsin's only culinary theatre and one of just a few in the United States. The theatre features tier-style seating for 120 people and panoramic vantage points for ideal cooking demonstrations. Numerous camera angles and zoom capabilities provide detailed views of various food preparation and cooking areas.

Profile Knife Grinder & Moulder Operator

Weinig 931 & 960 Grinders and a 6-head Weinig Powermat 500 Moulder are used during hands-on training.

Soldering Lab Workstations

FVTC offers 35 soldering lab workstations.

Welding & Weld Certification/Testing

FVTC has a vast array of expertise to help with applied manufacturing projects and problems targeted at improving productivity and strengthening the region's manufacturing economy.

The Fox Valley Technical College Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center in Oshkosh opened in January 2011 to help address the growing demand for skilled workers in the region. The 30,000 square-foot facility houses the latest technology for both workplace training opportunities and degree-related classes in welding and metal fabrication.

Wisconsin Decision Driving Center

The Wisconsin Decision Driving Center (WDDC) at Fox Valley Technical College's Appleton, Wisconsin campus is one of the most unique and advanced driving centers in the nation.

Hands-on training and workshops are conducted on a specifically designed and controlled road course. Training is designed by safety engineers to mirror common emergency situations which can test a driver's abilities as well as a vehicle's capabilities. Drivers will get hands-on experience while training under safe, controlled conditions.

Contact us today to set-up a tour and receive a complimentary driving pass on the skid pad for a full or half day.

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