Training Grant Opportunities

Partner with Fox Valley Technical College when developing a comprehensive training plan to develop the skills of new or existing employees. Our training grant advisors will assist you with designing an outcomes-based training plan and assess if available training grant programs align to your project and timeline.

Share your interest today and be connected with a training grant specialist for more details.

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  • Wisconsin Fast Forward Grant
  • Workforce Advancement Training Grant

Each successful training grant begins with a trusted business-education partnership between employers, schools, labor organizations, trade associations or economic development agencies. Consider the advantages of having FVTC as a training grant partner to help address your business challenges and sort through the grant process.

  • Training designers and faculty will aid in scoping your current or forecasted workforce skill needs

  • FVTC will help your business develop a customized training plan in compliance with grant guidelines

  • Project partners, assessment services, training content, and performance metrics can be accessed through our vast resource network

  • FVTC can assist your business in developing partnerships with other employers or networks to develop a strong consortium grant application

Not sure where to start? Contact us to set up a complimentary meeting. Our grant advisors are here to help you address your business challenges and sort through the grant process.

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The Wisconsin Fast Forward (WFF) training grant helps address the crucial need for skilled workers in Wisconsin by making funds available for demand-driven workforce training. WFF funds are available to businesses to develop and implement customized and sustainable short- and medium-term training programs to upskill incumbent workers and/or train new hires. The intent is to provide essential assistance that can’t be met through an existing program.

The WFF grant is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Office of Skills Development (OSD).

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The Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) grants promote increased investment in the development of incumbent workers and expand technical college training services to help businesses meet their training needs. The WAT grant program is administered by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) with multi-millions in grant funds available for Wisconsin employers.

Annual competitive grants are awarded to upgrade the skills and productivity of employees of established businesses and industries operating in Wisconsin, with the broader objective of supporting regional workforce and economic development efforts.

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WAT Grant Overview

Grant projects must provide a written commitment to provide a better job opportunity for underemployed trainees; and/or provide incumbent workers a wage increase after successful completion of the training; and/or hire successful trainees.

  • Training does not replace existing or routine operational training; is short- to medium-term in duration; solves a documented skill gap not addressed through existing education or training programs and provides opportunities for trainee income and career growth 
  • Grants range from $5,000-$400,000
  • Grant applications can consist of various entities collaborating to implement a training project.
  • An employer cash or in-kind match is required; match varies by project.
  • WFF grant projects should serve to increase the number of new jobs, reduce layoffs, and/or increase local/regional skill-based workforce.
  • Contact the WFF grant advisor for additional details.
Evaluation of Requests

The confidential Request for Consideration will be evaluated to determine which employers Fox Valley Technical College can partner with for annual WAT grants applications. Every attempt is made to build grant projects that represent the diverse training needs of regional employers recognizing not all training may be eligible for grant support.

Outcomes-focused training projects that build the skills of employees will be given priority. Additional consideration will be given to projects that:

  • Link activities to a current and clearly defined business challenge

  • Increase employees' wages in the short term

  • Improve employees' job and career opportunities in the short term

  • Implement activities related to career pathways

  • Strengthen the local, regional or state economy

Employer Requirements

Grant applications must include one or more employers(s) who:

  • Train incumbent workers and provide a wage increase; and/or commit to hiring new workers; and/or commit to hire unemployed and/or underemployed trainees to fill new or vacant positions

  • Show a demand for workers with skills that can be developed with short- to medium-term training to be completed within one year

  • Have a presence in Wisconsin and will train workers employed by the Wisconsin location

  • Match grant funds with cash or in-kind contributions as specified in the related Grant Program Announcement

  • Contact the WFF grant advisor for additional employer requirements

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