Hundreds of businesses are open today thanks to E-seed—a proven business start-up program based on a practical, real-life curriculum. 

We'd like to share this plan for success with you.

E-seed is turnkey. Your college or organization can gain access to business start-up training specific to your community. We focus on proven curriculum for train-the-trainer and participants. Plus, you grow revenue for your college or organization while you teach people how to start a business!

Register for our E-seed Co-Creation event where you learn about E-seed, get access to our tools and co-create additional content to be used by entrepreneurs and business owners around the country.

Contact us to learn more about how E-seed can become a dynamic entrepreneur catalyst localized to your community’s specific needs. 

E-Seed Launches Businesses


More than 300 businesses have either started or benefited as a result of E-seed.

These industries include retail, wholesale, service, healthcare, food service, manufacturing, technology and even franchises!

Today hundreds of people are working in small businesses that didn’t exist until E-seed.



Results of E-seed training have a ripple effect on regional economies. Individually, students are career-changers, laid-off workers, people re-entering the workforce or those who need help with a big idea.

E-seed takes participant's creative energy and teaches them how to plan, manage and launch businesses for optimal success.

Participating schools benefit by offering a proven program that transforms regional economies by nurturing business start-ups and mentoring them for success

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