Need An Intern?

You've come to the right place! 

Interns can bring a true win-win to your workplace. An internship offers students a valuable opportunity to engage in a meaningful learning experience while assisting you with the completion of ongoing or individual projects. 

About Internship Positions

The FVTC internship program integrates classroom academics with a related work experience that is mutually beneficial to the student and the employer.

The start date and the length of the internship will depend on the employer's needs and the student's availability. In the internship program the student, the employer and FVTC initiate a training agreement that defines the responsibilities of each.

An internship coordinator from FVTC will be assigned to oversee the intern's learning experience.

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with an intern, please contact the internship coordinator for your program area of interest: Internship Contact List (PDF)

You may contact Employment Connections or post the internship directly onto our Wisconsin TechConnect job posting website using Handshake-Logo.

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Interns are enthusiastic, motivated workers that can bring new ideas to your organization. An intern will be able to assist with a variety of projects that will help reach your company goals and provide assistance with overall workload.


Most students work an average of 10-20 hours per week, however this is flexible. You will work with the intern to set goals, monitor progress, and conduct a mid-term and final evaluation. 

Intern Pay

An internship opportunity can be a paid or unpaid experience, depending on your company mission and the position requirements.