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Develop skills in forensic science, evidence collection and procession, crime scene processing and management, computer evidence, cell phone investigation, crime/intelligence analysis, and other evidence-related topics.

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  • Evidence Technician School

    Hours: 80.00 | Estimated Cost: $795.00

    This highly-regarded workshop will utilize the forensic science crime lab and crime scene resources at the Fox Valley Technical College’s Public Safety Training Center for basic evidence identification, documentation, collection and preservation skills. Students will apply their training received and process crime scenes from the initial call into the courtroom where they will present their case investigations in a mock courtroom presentation. Students will be able to process crime scenes in the field upon completion of this course. This course will utilize a great amount of practical hands on activities to support training information and applications in the field. This school is designed for all levels of law enforcement personnel, especially those officers assigned to crime scene responsibilities to include but not limited to investigators/detectives, crime scene personnel, civilian technicians/specialists, coroners and criminal justice/forensic science students.
    By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
    * Understand the history of fingerprints and obtain properly roll inked impressions for AFIS storage and searching protocols
    * Search, document, identify, develop, collect and preserve latent fingerprints. 
    * Understand the basic principles/fundamentals of photography including exposure, filters, various camera/flash and equipment functions.
    * Apply appropriate daylight and nighttime photography documentation protocols. 
    * Document fingerprint, pattern impressions, injuries and crime scenes.
    * Apply videography and sketching as a supplement to photography.
    * Search, identify, document, collect/package and preserve/store different and various types of evidence.
    * Identify the many different types of crime scenes.
    * Document, collect and preserve evidence at the various/different types of crime scenes.
    * Apply this training in scenario based crime scene applications and courtroom presentations.
    Students will need to attend both weeks of classes.

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