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Management and Leadership training provides an education in leadership, management and employment-related matters for the frontline through executive level law enforcement and public safety member.

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  • Field Training Officer

    Hours: 40.00 | Estimated Cost: $575.00

    Designed for the newly selected FTO and FTO Supervisor, and for those FTOs who are in need of a refresher course for Patrol, Detentions and Communications. This five-day course covers all that is needed so the new FTO can assume their new responsibilities immediately after completion of the course.
    The five-day course will include the following: Key Elements of Successful Field Training Officer Programs, Performance Evaluation, Practicing Evaluation and Documentation and Teaching and Learning.
    All instruction is re-enforced with Practical Individual/Group Exercises, Videos, Handouts, In-depth Discussions, Role Plays, Power Point Presentations and Demonstration.

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  • First Level Leadership for Law Enforcement

    Hours: 28.00

    Strengthen your skills and improve your performance as a first-level leader. The 'First Level Leadership for Law Enforcement ' is a highly interactive four-part series that provides new and experienced leaders the tools they need to effectively motivate, communicate and direct their teams to meet organization goals and control crisis situations. This course would apply to a broad range of law enforcement agencies.

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