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Private Investigation Specialist

20-504-2 Certificate (C) 18 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

If you want to become a licensed private or corporate security investigator, this is the program for you. You’ll learn how to locate witnesses, search public records, conduct background investigations and investigate insurance claims. You’ll also develop the skills to conduct criminal defense investigations and financial asset investigations. An exciting and interesting career awaits when you complete this certificate.


Course Title
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Criminal Investigation Theory
Describe the role of evidence in criminal investigations and prosecutions; locate and package evidence and document crime scenes; recognize the dynamics of victimization; apply appropriate interview techniques with adult or child victims; analyze the role of law enforcement in responding to domestic abuse; officer-involved domestic violence; and sexual abuse cases.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Criminal Justice (10-504-900 or 10-504-121) or active in Forensic Science, Private Investigation Specialist, Child Protection or Fire Investigator certificate or enrolled in any Criminal Justice-related ITS degree
Criminal Law - National
Examines the general principles of criminal law and the elements of crime. Students attempt to recognize when a crime has occurred, focusing on statutes that are most often used by a security professional. Students also work with the criminal statutes from the state in which they reside.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Sent) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree. Personal/prof dev students who have not taken ACCUPLACER or ACT must consult with instructor.
Private Investigations, Introduction to
A study of investigations in the private and corporate sectors. Topics include investigative techniques relating to open record laws and searches, techniques of surveillance, employee screening, evidence collection, insurance fraud investigations, interviewing techniques, sources of information, and computer and other technology used in research. Applicable state statutes of attendees will be researched, and licensing requirements discussed.
Asset Protection, Principles of
Studies issues relating to workplace violence, sexual harassment, employee theft, computer security, consumer fraud, business disaster recovery, substance abuse, negligent hiring and other relevant issues.
Report Writing
Explain the context of report writing, take effective field notes, organize information in reports, write narratives, describe what information should be included in certain types of reports, prepare for court, describe how to be an effective witness, and testify as a witness in court.
Prerequisite: English Composition 1 (10-801-136) or Written Communication (10-801-195)
English Composition 1
Designed for learners to develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of the writing process. Planning, organizing, writing, editing and revising are applied through a variety of activities. Students will analyze audience and purpose, use elements of research and format documents using standard guidelines. Individuals will develop critical reading skills through analysis of various written documents.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/English) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR not pursuing a degree. Personal/prof dev students who have not taken ACCUPLACER must consult with instructor.


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