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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Current Status

Spring semester will continue in online format through end of May, with staff working remotely

The health and safety of our students and staff is of the greatest importance. With facilities still closed, most classes resumed on Monday, March 30.

Knowing that changing class formats mid-stream is challenging for all, with the agreement of our Board of Trustees, we have made the difficult decision to extend the closure of our facilities and will continue with online instruction through May 31.

Our spring 2020 semester will continue in an online delivery format and facilities will stay closed for the remainder of this semester. Innovative thinking and responsiveness by faculty and staff has allowed us to deliver nearly 75% of our offerings in this revised fashion, which means a tremendous opportunity for students to continue learning safely.  If a class cannot be completed in this manner, students will be notified and course fees will be refunded.

We are here for our students and pledge to work with everyone on completion options for their specific coursework.

A message to students from Dr. Chris Matheny

Dr. Chris Matheny, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Fox Valley Technical College, shares this message about our temporary campus building closures due to COVID-19.

“While I know that this may not have been the first choice for many of you, I just want to offer you the reminder that you've done new things before … I know you can do this.”

Past FVTC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates


Available College Services & Contact Information

Enrollment Services

Email: Enrollment Services

Phone: 920-735-5645


Email: Admissions

Phone: 920-735-5645

Financial Aid

Email: Financial Aid

Phone: 920-735-5650

Student Financial Services

Email: Student Financial Services

Phone: 920-735-4871

Counseling and Advising Services

Email: Counseling and Advising Services

Phone: 920-735-5696

Educational Support Services

Email: Educational Support Services

Phone: 920-735-2569

Library Services

Email: Library Services

Phone: 920-735-5653

Diversity and Inclusion Services

Email: Diversity and Inclusion Services

Phone: 920-735-4825

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) / Tutoring
Employment Connections

Email: Employment Connections

Phone: 920-735-5627

Veterans Benefits

Email: Veterans Benefits

Phone: 920-735-5651

FVTC Foundation, Inc.

Email: FVTC Foundation, Inc.

Phone: 920-735-5608

New to Online Learning?

As the Spring semester continues, we will serve the vast majority of students in an alternate delivery mode. Fox Valley Tech instructors and staff are responding with innovative thinking and proactive communication and outreach with students to ensure their ongoing success. 

Resources for Online Learning