COVID-19 Reporting & Dashboard

Fox Valley Technical College's top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our students,  staff and faculty. Through a multi-disciplinary team, the college is monitoring all locations for any COVID-19 outbreaks and will continue to integrate CDC, state and local health information, and local best practices to deliver on the mission of the college.

The college takes potential and confirmed exposure to COVID-19 very seriously. We will:

    • Respond quickly
    • Notify people regarding quarantining
    • Clean and disinfect affected areas

*Fox Valley Tech will post notifications and reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases and other updates on a weekly basis.

FVTC Procedures

Visiting Campus Procedures

Face Coverings Required: Face coverings are required on campus and have proven to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Face coverings must be worn to cover the nose and mouth while in communal or shared spaces.

CDC Self-Screening: Staff and students will be asked to self-screen before coming to campus by monitoring their health and watching for COVID-19 symptoms. If individuals have a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater or any COVID-19 symptoms, they must stay home. The CDC offers a comprehensive list of COVID-19 symptoms and self-check guidance here.

Exposed to COVID-19: If you have been exposed to COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, please contact Fox Valley Tech immediately. Guidance will be provided for the person with the COVID-19 case or exposure.

Cleaning and Disinfection Checklist

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols are in place for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case on campus.

Where and when to clean and disinfect:

  • Close off facility spaces affected and post "Do Not Enter" signage
  • Clean and disinfect areas and surfaces

Keeping facility staff safe:

  • Wear proper PPE while completing all tasks
  • Properly remove PPE to avoid self-contamination and discard
  • Wash hands immediately
  • Report any breach in PPE

Surface-specific disinfecting procedures in place:

  • Hard (non-porous) surfaces (tables, door knobs, etc.)
  • Soft (porous) surfaces (carpet, seats, etc.)
  • Electronics


Contact Tracing

If you have been exposed to COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, please contact Fox Valley Tech immediately. 

Your personal and medical information will remain completely confidential and you will be provided guidance for next steps.

In order to clean, disinfect and trace any additional student or staff exposures, a select Fox Valley Tech staff member will gather the following information:

  • Date symptoms began or date of exposure
  • Date of COVID test or test of individual exposed
  • Test results
  • Last date and approximate time person was on campus
  • Entrance, hallways and rooms used during visit
  • Common areas and restrooms visited
  • Anyone the person may have been in contact with at the college

If the exposure was in a classroom, the class may be moved depending on the situation.

Weekly Confirmed Positive Cases on Campus*

Thru Date:

Campus Locations:

Confirmed Positive Cases

06/14/2021 All Locations 0
06/08/2021 All Locations 0
06/01/2021 Appleton - C Building 1
05/18/2021 All Locations 0
05/13/2021 Appleton - C Building 1
05/04/2021 Appleton - C, HS Buildings 1
04/27/2021 Appleton - C, F Buildings; Oshkosh - Spanbauer 3
04/20/2021 Appleton - F, HS Buildings; Oshkosh- Spanbauer 3
04/13/2021 Appleton - AG, E Buildings, Bordini; PSTC 4
04/06/2021 Appleton - C Buildings; Oskhosh - Riverside 2
03/30/2021 Appleton - A, D, F Buildings; Oshkosh - Spanbauer 4
03/23/2021 All Locations 0
03/16/2021 Appleton - Transportation 1
03/09/2021 Oshkosh - Spanbauer 1
03/02/2021 Appleton - D Building; Oshkosh - Spanbauer 3
02/23/2021 Appleton - G Building 1
02/16/2021 Appleton - C, D Buildings 2
02/09/2021 All Locations 0
02/02/2021 Appleton - B Building; PSTC 2
01/26/2021 Appleton - A, C Buildings; Wautoma 2
01/19/2021 Appleton - F, HS Buildings; Oshkosh - Riverside 4
01/12/2021 Wautoma 1
01/05/2021 Oshkosh - Spanbauer 1
12/22/2020 Appleton - F Building 1
12/15/2020 Appleton - B, C, E Buildings; PSTC, Oshkosh - Spanbauer 5
12/08/2020 Appleton - A, B, F, HS, Transportation Buildings; Oshkosh - Riverside, Spanbauer 7
12/01/2020 Appleton - D, E, F, G Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Riverside; Clintonville 6
11/24/2020 Appleton - A, D, F, AG, HS Buildings; Bordini; PSTC; Oshkosh - Riverside, Spanbauer; Wautoma 10
11/17/2020 Appleton - A, B, E, F, G, HS Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Riverside, Spanbauer 11
11/10/2020 Appleton - A, B, D, E, F, G, AG, HS Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Spanbauer, Wautoma 12
11/03/2020 Appleton - C, F, AG, HS, Transportation Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Spanbauer 11
10/27/2020 Appleton - C, D, E, F, G, Transportation Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Riverside, Spanbauer 15
10/20/2020 Appleton - A, C, D, F, HS Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Riverside; Chilton 8
10/13/2020 Appleton - C, D, F, HS, Facilities, Transportation Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Spanbauer 14
10/06/2020 Appleton - A, D, F, HS, Transportation Buildings 10
09/29/2020 Appleton - A, C, E, F, AG, HS, Transportation Buildings, Bordini; Oshkosh - Riverside, AMTC; Waupaca 21
09/22/2020 Appleton - A, D, E, HS, Transportation Buildings; PSTC; Oshkosh - Riverside 10
09/15/2020 Appleton - D, E, F, AG, HS Buildings; PSTC; Wautoma 7
09/08/2020 Appleton - A, E, AG, HS Buildings; Waupaca 5
09/01/2020 Appleton - HS Building 1
08/25/2020 All Locations 0
08/18/2020 All Locations 0
08/11/2020 Oshkosh - Spanbauer 1
08/04/2020 All Locations 0
07/28/2020 All Locations 0
07/21/2020 All Locations 0
07/14/2020 Appleton - G Building 1
07/07/2020 All Locations 0
06/30/2020 All Locations 0
06/23/2020 All Locations 0
06/16/2020 All Locations 0
06/09/2020 All Locations 0
06/02/2020 All Locations 0
05/26/2020 All Locations 0
05/19/2020 All Locations 0
05/12/2020 All Locations 0
05/05/2020 All Locations 0
04/28/2020 All Locations 0
04/21/2020 All Locations 0
04/14/2020 All Locations 0


*Data is updated weekly on Wednesdays. Counts do not include confirmed positive cases of students, faculty and staff who have not been on campus during their period of communicability.