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Printed on 5/22/2018

Urban Forestry Technician

20-001-6 Certificate (C) 13 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

If you have an interest in the care and maintenance of trees, this program is for you. You will learn urban tree maintenance and management, plant health care operations, how trees function, planting and selection, and chainsaw safety and operation. With these skills you could work in careers related to arboriculture, urban forestry, nursery management, plant health care and utility line clearance.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Fundamentals of Aerial Tree Work
Introduces students to the basic safety requirements, equipment and techniques employed by arborists who work aloft. Topics include applied rope-and-saddle and aerial lift usage, electrical hazard recognition and common knots used in the industry.
Nursery Management 1
Provides an overview of landscape nursery production and retail garden center operations. Special attention will be given to basic business strategies and fall-season plant management practices.
Woody Ornamental Plant ID
Explains plant classification and identification techniques. Students will utilize these techniques to properly name and identify commonly used deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. Culture and care will also be discussed.
Urban Tree Maintenance
Addresses the art and science of tree pruning as the primary objective of this course. Young tree training and mature tree maintenance are practiced. Proper pruning cuts and techniques specified in the ANSI A300 Pruning Standard are taught throughout this class.
Familiarizes students with several techniques, tools, and pieces of equipment used in the management on trees and tree populations. This course also serves to create an awareness of arboricultural careers as applied to commercial, municipal and utility employers.
Tree Biology
Provides an overview of the tree system with an emphasis on growth and development, compartmentalization of wounds, and how the tree adapts to the urban environment.

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