Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology and business of growing and maintaining plants. FVTC offers programs in horticulture technology and landscaping.


  • Greenhouse Grower/Plant Propagation Technician (C)

    17 Credits Location: Appleton

    Put your green thumb to good use while preparing for this satisfying career field. Through hands-on experience and the study of industry best practices, you will learn about plant propagation and diagnostics, and will gain skills in greenhouse management. You’ll also learn how to design and maintain an interior plantscape. The study of ornamental plant health care is included to provide you with a broad knowledge base.

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  • Horticulture Technician (TD)

    30 Credits Location: Appleton

    If you yearn to grow things and enjoy working with your hands, this could be a good career choice for you. Gain the knowledge and skills to enter the field of horticulture and landscaping. You will learn to identify plants, design landscapes, manage pests and nurture plants. The program also includes planting and pruning, soils and fertilizers, turf management, equipment maintenance and operations, and business operations. You will be able to create and maintain beautiful environments for businesses and home owners.

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  • Horticulture/Landscape Specialist (TD)

    60 Credits Location: Appleton

    If you are ready to lead others in landscape projects, then check out this program. Learn how to design, construct and maintain a landscape. You’ll also gain skills in hydroponics, irrigation systems, tissue culture, diagnostics and propagation. In addition, you will learn the latest best practices in organic lawn and land care. On the business side, you’ll learn everything from communication skills to sales and marketing to estimating and computer-aided design. Your training will also include sustainable practices and greenhouse management/operation. You’ll learn everything you need to know to supervise individuals in landscaping, nursery or greenhouse work.

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  • Landscape Construction Technician (C)

    12 Credits Location: Appleton

    Develop a solid foundation in landscape design and construction to become an important member of the landscaping team. Learn how to bring a project design to life with a management system and an action plan. You’ll learn the best practices of using brick and block, and work with plants and equipment to create award-winning designs. You will be a valued member of the landscaping team with these skills.

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  • Landscape Maintenance Technician (C)

    16 Credits Location: Appleton

    Once a landscape design is planted and established, landscape maintenance technicians keep the plants healthy and looking beautiful. This certificate program equips you with the best practices of the industry and gives you experience using cutting-edge equipment and technology. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience learning the skills to diagnose and treat plant problems.

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Types of Offerings

AAS - Associate Degree
TD - Technical Diploma
C - Certificate
A - Apprenticeship

Program in Pictures

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Organic Vegetables to...

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Focus on Student Life

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Community Matters:...

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