Printed on 9/27/2021

Laboratory Science - Introduction

20-506-1 Certificate (C) 14 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*If general education courses are required, they may be available at multiple locations.

This introductory certificate program is required prior to enrolling in more specific lab science certificates. You’ll get a solid introduction to the core concepts and principles of math, biology and chemistry. You’ll also learn about laboratory procedures, data analysis, safety and equipment. You’ll be well prepared to take your lab science study to the next level.


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Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.
**Outside effort hours are an estimate based on state standards, and may vary from person to person.

    Course Title
    Course Number
    Instructional Hours
    Outside Effort Hours**
    Prior Learning Credit Eligibility
  • Beginning Laboratory Science

    • Instructional Hours: 72
    • Outside Effort Hours: 90
    • Course Number: 10506101
    • Credits: 3.00

    Introduces the learner to beginning laboratory concepts and procedures. Emphasis will be on general laboratory safety, basic laboratory equipment utilization and calibration techniques. An introduction to scientific inquiry will be addressed. Proper techniques in documentation as it relates to quality control in verification of a quality system will be introduced. Concepts in data analysis will be reviewed as it relates to creation of a laboratory notebook.

    Prereq: HS GPA 2.75+ OR ACPL Read 54+/Sent 83+/Arith 65+, Next Gen Read 250+/Sent 250+/Arith 263+, ACT Read/Engl/Math 18+, OR Read Prep 10838105/Sent Prep 10831103/Arith Prep 10834109 OR Not pursuing a degree
  • College Mathematics

    • Instructional Hours: 54
    • Outside Effort Hours: 108
    • Course Number: 10804107
    • Credits: 3.00

    Designed to review and develop fundamental concepts of mathematics in the areas of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, measurement and data. Special emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning, making connections, and using calculators.

    Prereq: Arith – HS GPA 2.75+ OR ACPL 65+, Next Gen 263+, ACT Math 18+ OR Arith Prep 10834109 OR Not pursuing a degree
  • General Biology

    • Instructional Hours: 90
    • Outside Effort Hours: 126
    • Course Number: 10806114
    • Credits: 4.00

    Introduces general biological concepts and principles. Emphasis is on cell structure and function, genetics, evolution and taxonomical relationships. Consideration is also given to diversity among the various kingdoms. This course emphasizes an environmental perspective and is suitable for students in Natural Resources, Early Childhood Education, Laboratory Science, Forensic Science and others interested in environmental biology.

    Prereq: HS GPA 2.75+ OR ACPL Read 54+/Sent 83+, Next Gen Read 250+/Sent 237+, ACT Read 18+/Engl 15+ OR Read Prep 10838105/Sent Prep 74851745 OR not pursuing a degree
  • General Chemistry

    • Instructional Hours: 90
    • Outside Effort Hours: 126
    • Course Number: 10806134
    • Credits: 4.00

    Covers inorganic chemistry and basic organic chemistry. Topics include metrics, problem solving, atomic structure, chemical reactions, solutions and concentrations, ionization, pH and organic compounds.

    Prereq: Alg – HS GPA 2.75+ OR ACPL 51+, Next Gen 250+, ACT Math 18+ OR Alg Prep 10834109 OR College Tech Math 1 10804115 OR College Tech Math 1A 10804113 OR College Math 10804107 OR Math Common Topics 10804117; OR not pursuing a degree

Expected Competencies

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