Laboratory Science


Put your love of science to work in a rewarding career. Earn a laboratory science certificate in a specific area such as the environment, food processing, or paper and packaging. Or get a combined associate degree as a Laboratory Science Technician.


  • Laboratory Science - Environmental (C)

    10 Credits Location: Appleton

    Learn the basic laboratory skills you need to be successful in an industrial environmental lab. Your study will include microbiology, math calculations used in lab work, and a broad spectrum of topics related to water and wastewater analysis. You can apply what you’re learning with sample testing and hands-on lab experiments. Prerequisite: Laboratory Science Introductory certificate.

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  • Laboratory Science - Food (C)

    10 Credits Location: Appleton

    This certificate will prepare you for an interesting, entry-level position in a food laboratory, or help you enhance your current lab skills in this field. You’ll learn about food processing and food safety, along with a review of math concepts used in the lab and an introduction to microbiology. Prerequisite: Laboratory Science Introduction certificate

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  • Laboratory Science - Introduction (C)

    14 Credits Location: Appleton

    This introductory certificate program is required prior to enrolling in more specific lab science certificates. You’ll get a solid introduction to the core concepts and principles of math, biology and chemistry. You’ll also learn about laboratory procedures, data analysis, safety and equipment. You’ll be well prepared to take your lab science study to the next level.

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  • Laboratory Science - Paper & Packaging (C)

    5 Credits Location: Appleton

    Get the skills you need to build a career in a paper and packaging laboratory. Whether you’re just starting out or want to expand your knowledge, this program will cover a variety of testing procedures, measurement techniques, and chemical tests used in the industrial lab. Your training also includes a review of math concepts used for data analysis. Prerequisite: Laboratory Science Introduction certificate

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  • Laboratory Science Assistant (TD)

    38 Credits Location: Appleton

    Put your love of science to work in a rewarding career. This program will prepare you for entry-level employment in food, water, environmental, wastewater treatment or other industrial laboratory settings. You’ll learn lab procedures as you perform a variety of test projects involving biology, chemistry, DNA science and microbiology. Gain plenty of hands-on experience in the lab, where you will focus on safety and quality assurance.

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  • Laboratory Science Technician (AAS)

    61 Credits Location: Appleton

    Put on your safety glasses, gloves and lab coat. Laboratories are looking for technicians who are able to assist with basic research and product development. In this program, you can gain the necessary skills for positions in food testing, water, wastewater treatment, environmental and industrial laboratories. You will perform experiments, operate and maintain equipment, make observations and document your results. You will also learn technical writing, laboratory math and project management skills so you’ll be well prepared for the workplace.

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Types of Offerings

AAS - Associate Degree
TD - Technical Diploma
C - Certificate
A - Apprenticeship

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Hands-on careers that specialize in a number of laboratory science fields await students with the right skills.