Printed on 1/21/2022

Laboratory Science - Paper & Packaging

20-506-4 Certificate (C) 5 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*If general education courses are required, they may be available at multiple locations.

Get the skills you need to build a career in a paper and packaging laboratory. Whether you’re just starting out or want to expand your knowledge, this program will cover a variety of testing procedures, measurement techniques, and chemical tests used in the industrial lab. Your training also includes a review of math concepts used for data analysis. Prerequisite: Laboratory Science Introduction certificate


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Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.
**Outside effort hours are an estimate based on state standards, and may vary from person to person.

    Course Title
    Course Number
    Instructional Hours
    Outside Effort Hours**
    Prior Learning Credit Eligibility
  • Math for Laboratory Science

    • Instructional Hours: 54
    • Outside Effort Hours: 108
    • Course Number: 10804124
    • Credits: 3.00

    Provides a basic math review of mathematical tools used in laboratory work including exponents, scientific notation, logarithms, units of measurement and equations including unit conversions. This course also provides instruction in the use of proportional relationships to solve a variety of practical laboratory calculation problems, dilution calculations used in chemical and microbiologic laboratory work and graphical methods of data analysis including linear and exponential relationships. This course also provides instruction in laboratory statistics including variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and methods of displaying statistical values.

    Prereq: College Mathematics (10804107) or Intro to College Math (10804106)
  • Paper and Packaging Testing Procedures

    • Instructional Hours: 54
    • Outside Effort Hours: 54
    • Course Number: 10506112
    • Credits: 2.00

    Introduces learners to common paper, disposable consumer products, non-woven and packaging industry tests. Practice of qualitative and quantitative chemical tests such as alkalinity and pH, basic strength measurements such as grammage, tensile, stiffness, and burst. Measurement of optical properties such as color, brightness, and opacity, is also practiced.

    Prereq: General Chemistry (10806134)

Expected Competencies

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