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Additional Information

Individuals who are interested in the Barbering Apprentice program must be employed in the trade.

Once employment is secured or to find an employer who is approved to train apprentices, contact the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services to create the apprentice contract and contact Kerri Nevala at [](mailto:// to connect with FVTC.
- The state contact depends on which county the salon or barbershop is located.
- Full apprentice process details are available from the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

If the employer decides to move forward with the apprentice agreement, the employer will submit an apprentice application to the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). The DWD will determine if you meet the Bureau of Apprentice Standards and if a credential notice can be issued.

You and your employer will submit the credential notice, the apprentice application and the required fee to the Department of Safety and Professional Services, P.O. Box 8935, Madison, WI 53708-8935. If you have any past convictions, you may be required to submit Form #2253, the required fee and accompanying documents.

The Department of Safety and Professional Services will issue the apprentice permit after the application is approved. You may begin to work after your permit is issued. Your permit will be valid for three years.

Once your contract is in place, the FVTC apprentice office and Barber Apprentice representative will communicate with you on course registration, textbooks, etc. Connect with Jennifer Dausey at [](mailto:// for course registration.

Program Outcomes

  • Adhere to the current Wisconsin administrative codes and statutes for barbers
  • Apply safety and infection control procedures
  • Demonstrate hairstyling and finishing techniques
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills for success
  • Demonstrate shaving and other facial hair removal techniques
  • Identify hair and scalp disorders
  • Perform hair color services
  • Perform haircutting services
  • Perform male facial procedures
  • Perform texture services

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