If you’re looking for a career in agriculture, we have the hands-on training you need at FVTC. Choose from a wide variety of agribusiness, farm management and agriculture equipment service programs.


  • Agribusiness Agronomy Technician (TD)

    30 Credits Location: Appleton

    Crop production is a high-stakes business that demands a solid foundation in science. With the growing use of precision agriculture applications and regulatory constraints, you’ll need more specialized skills. This program will give you a deep understanding of the science and technology of using plants as a source of food. You’ll get hands-on experience producing a crop, keeping pests away, making soil more fertile, marketing commodities and managing a farm. Agronomy technicians help farmers get maximum production from the land using the latest technology. Coming fall 2022 - this program will be available fully online.

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  • Agribusiness Dairy Technician (TD)

    30 Credits Location: Appleton

    Dairy technicians play an important role in the dairy industry. Today’s high-tech livestock and dairy business requires special training and education. Learn to manage a dairy herd with skills like artificial insemination, sire selection, reproduction, herd health, nutrition and ration balancing. You’ll also learn records management, commodity marketing and agribusiness management. Hands-on instruction will prepare you for a career in dairy production.

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  • Agribusiness Management Technician (TD)

    30 Credits Location: Appleton

    If a career in agriculture is in your future, this program will help you prepare. To manage a successful agribusiness operation, you need to understand the use of technology. With this diploma you’ll gain hands-on experience in agronomy and dairy production management. Courses cover agribusiness management principles, sales, commodity and marketing, global economics, crop production and animal fundamentals. This program will give you the skills you need for entry-level agribusiness management.

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  • Agribusiness Science & Technology - Agronomy (AAS)

    60 Credits Location: Appleton

    You’ll be ready for a career in precision agriculture, cropping systems, fertilizer, integrated pest management, farm management and farm supply areas of agriculture with the Agribusiness/Science Technology – Agronomy degree. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain skills in integrated pest management, marketing, soil science, nutrient management, crop production, agronomy equipment, Geographic Information Systems/Global Positioning Systems (GIS/GPS) technology and computers, as well as sales and agribusiness. This program will open doors to a variety of agribusiness careers.

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  • Agribusiness Science & Technology - Animal Science (AAS)

    60 Credits Location: Appleton

    Get ready for a career in the feed, animal nutrition, dairy, farm management and farm supply areas of agriculture with the Agribusiness/Science Technology – Animal Science degree. Through hands-on training, you’ll learn about animal science, artificial insemination, sire selection, animal nutrition and ration balancing, record keeping and herd health, as well as marketing, sales and management. This program will prepare you for a variety of agribusiness careers.

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  • Agribusiness/Science Technology (AAS)

    60 Credits Location: Appleton

    Whether you want to run your own agribusiness operation or help other agriculture producers become more successful, this program gives you the skills you need. Learn how to merge business and science to produce a product and make a profit. Through hands-on learning and on-the-job experience, you’ll gain skills in animal science and nutrition, integrated pest management, soil science, crop production and precision agriculture. You’ll be able to develop crop management, livestock management and business plans. You’ll also learn how to enhance your success through sales, marketing and business management. This program will open doors to a variety of agribusiness career pathways.

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  • Agricultural Accounting (C) New

    13 Credits Location: Appleton

    If you are thinking about taking over the family farm or want to start your own farm, this certificate will give you the skills to help run the financial aspects of the business. You‘ll learn agribusiness management and how to handle the accounting books, which includes recording transactions and creating financial statements. You’ll also gain skills in software programs like QuickBooks and Excel. This certificate focuses on developing skills and understanding concepts that agribusiness professionals need in today’s changing workplace.

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  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship (C)

    9 Credits Location: Appleton

    Is farm or agribusiness ownership in your future? This Agricultural Entrepreneurship certificate will provide you with foundational skills in agribusiness management and operations as well as the opportunity to explore and develop an entrepreneurial mindset critical to future success. In addition to the agribusiness training, you’ll also be exposed to concepts of entrepreneurial thought/process, and experiential learning through identifying entrepreneurial problems, finding solutions and making connections beyond the classroom. This certificate can be combined with other degree programs.

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  • Agriculture Equipment Service Technician (TD)

    43 Credits Location: Appleton

    Agricultural equipment is becoming more and more complex. You need advanced technical skills to work on planting and harvesting equipment today. Learn to maintain and repair diesel engine systems, drive trains, hydraulics, electrical systems, GPS, air conditioning, materials handling equipment, and harvesting equipment. You’ll gain practical, hands-on training and applied skills such as repair, diagnostics and troubleshooting, which are critical for this industry. In addition, your study of agribusiness and agriculture marketing will position you to be a valued and skilled technician in this industry.

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  • Agriculture Power Equipment (AAS)

    61 Credits Location: Appleton

    If you want to repair and maintain farm equipment, this degree program is for you. These courses provide hands-on training and critical diagnostic and troubleshooting skills. You will work on the latest electronically controlled diesel engines, drive trains, hydraulics and electrical systems, air conditioning, materials handling equipment and harvesting equipment. You’ll also learn to work with computer-based systems. And, the program includes classes in business management and customer service—everything you need to start your career in this field.

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  • Crop Application Specialist (C)

    27 Credits Location: Appleton

    Custom crop applicators are in demand. This program prepares you with the skills you will need including pest management, plant science, weed identification, agronomy equipment and crop scouting. You’ll also learn about agribusiness, crop production and computer programs specific to the field. Earn this state-recognized certificate to further your career in agribusiness.

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  • Farm Business & Production Management (TD)

    18 Credits Locations: Appleton, Chilton, Clintonville

    If you want to learn the newest practices and technology in farming, you’ll find them in this unique program. Go on special field trips, attend classes and get personalized instruction on your farm while learning soil, crop and dairy management. You’ll also learn how to keep farm records and analyze your farm business operation. This part-time program is designed to fit around your work schedule.

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  • Farm Operation (TD)

    30 Credits Location: Appleton

    Do you want to be prepared to operate a farm some day? This program is designed for beginning farmers, farm technicians or herd managers. You’ll gain the skills needed to make sound business management decisions, care for livestock and crops, manage data, select appropriate equipment and maintain the needed equipment. Your training focuses on day-to-day farm activities and introduces you to the most up-to-date practices in production agriculture. This program runs from late fall to early spring to fit around planting and harvest.

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  • Precision Agriculture Technician (TD)

    30 Credits Location: Appleton

    Learn how Global Positioning Systems (GPS) work and how they are used in farming with this diploma program. You will gain knowledge and skills in basic crop production, electronically controlled systems and customer service. In addition, you’ll learn how to install, maintain and operate precision agriculture tools. Courses also cover skills for work in the parts and service department of an agriculture equipment dealership. You will be prepared for work in the high-tech, fast-paced precision agriculture field.

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  • Veterinary Technician (AAS)

    65 Credits Location: Appleton

    If you are passionate about caring for animals, then the Veterinary Technician program might be a good fit for you. This program will prepare you to collect patient history and perform the initial physical exam, place intravenous catheters and administer medications, anesthetize and monitor patients, and assist in surgery for both large and small animals. You’ll also gain the skills to perform dental cleanings on dogs and cats, and handle, restrain and care for rats, mice, rabbits and birds. Plus, you’ll learn how to apply bandages and splints on both large and small animals, evaluate lab samples under the microscope and accurately document records.

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