BizSquad is a multidisciplinary team of instructor-nominated students who provide customized business solutions under the guidance of experienced faculty advisers.

In this service-learning opportunity, students apply their burgeoning skills to real-world problems, gain career-shaping experience, and build professional relationships while giving back to the community. Projects are proposed by area organizations and selected based on how they align with each team's skill set, the educational experience they provide, and their impact.

Collaboration with BizSquad has many benefits:

  • Employers receive creative business solutions at no fee, engage with top students, and seed future opportunities. 
  • Students practice the fundamental skills of teamwork, professionalism, and communication while sharing their unique talents and building their professional portfolios.
  • Instructors share expertise across disciplines and mentor top performers in a unique learning environment. 
  • Fox Valley Technical College showcases its top talent in service to the community.

BizSquad teams include students from a variety of business-related programs, including, but not limited to, Accounting, Business Management, Information Technology, and Marketing. Membership changes each semester, so available skills will vary. Past projects have involved professional communications and promotional media, website revitalization and creation, as well as cloud storage and remote collaboration solutions.

All proposals will be considered, but the most appropriate ones usually contain tangible deliverables and fit into a single semester. Projects are selected during the first few weeks of each Fall and Spring semester. Any proposals received mid-semester will be considered the following Fall or Spring.

BizSquad solves problems. BizSquad crosses boundaries, builds relationships, and creates opportunities. BizSquad makes the Fox Valley a better place - one project at a time.

Have a project for BizSquad?