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Printed on 5/25/2018

Quality Technician New

30-623-6 Technical Diploma (TD) 20 Credits Financial Aid Pending Locations*: Appleton, Online

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Get your foot in the door to a great career working in manufacturing quality. This program will prepare you for inspecting manufactured parts, including the reading of engineering drawings and using common measurement tools. You'll also learn how to implement process improvements and corrective actions.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Occupational Specific (14 Credits)

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Interpretation of Engineering Drawings
Teaches students how to visualize a three-dimensional part from a drawing, interpret dimensions and tolerances, identify symbols commonly used in engineering drawings, and use engineering drawings for comparison, analysis and problem-solving purposes.
Quality Management
Includes supplier quality management and cost of quality concepts.
Preventive & Corrective Action
Focuses on development of preventive actions using a variety of quality tools to uncover true root causes of problems. Also deals with corrective actions such as nonconforming material identification and review processes.
Manufacturing Processes
Presents a comprehensive overview of the fundamental manufacturing process families. Learners focus first on how the processes move from a primary process of operation to the secondary process; then examine the tools and tooling used in manufacturing, forming, and casting techniques and their application, as well as material removal processes.
Metrology, Inspection & Testing
Offers the student a practical means to plan and use inspection systems and measurement equipment to collect meaningful data to assess and improve the overall approach to meeting customer standards. Students will also develop competence in the care and use of various hand measurement tools as well as the implementation of a calibration program.

Occupational Supportive (6 Credits)

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Written Communication
Teaches the writing process which includes prewriting, drafting and revising. Through writing assignments, students analyze audience and purpose, research and organize ideas, and format and design documents based on subject matter and content. Class sessions and assignments involve giving oral presentations and using computers.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
College Mathematics
Designed to review and develop fundamental concepts of mathematics in the areas of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, measurement and data. Special emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning, making connections, and using calculators.
Prereq: ACCPL Arithmetic >= 65 OR ACT Math >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not enrolled in a program.

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