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Printed on 2/18/2018

Software Developer

10-152-1 Associate Degree (AAS) 70 Credits Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Are you good at problem solving? Software developers solve problems by developing computer applications for business, such as producing payroll checks, billing customers, tracking of inventory and many other important functions. You’ll learn how to analyze business needs; then use that information to design, write and maintain program code to meet that need. Your work may include software and hardware on personal computers or interfacing with systems on the Web. You learn basic computer concepts and terminology and will develop skills in database concepts and applications, data manipulation, problem solving and general language architecture. You’ll have opportunities to practice with hands-on exercises, projects and assignments.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Technical Studies (46 Credits)

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
IT Concepts
Provides students with a foundation in information technology and the use of information systems in today’s business environment. Students explore fundamental computer concepts and terminology of the World Wide Web, e-mail, emerging technologies, hardware and software components and devices, programming languages, network basics, operating systems, and ethics.
IT Career Exploration
Acquaints students with career options and related job skills, salaries and employment trends in the information technology field. Familiarizes them with the IT program degrees offered at Fox Valley Technical College.
C# Introduction to Programming
Introduces students with little or no programming background to programming and logic principles that apply to traditional and Windows systems. Uses C# to apply the principles by developing simple Windows applications.
Presents the foundation skills necessary to create Web pages using HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Covers design concepts, hypertext links, tables, frames and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
Data Access for Programmers
Provides background in fundamental database concepts, design, documentation, implementation and distribution involving the relational database model. Students will create, query and update relational databases using Structured Query Language (SQL).
Systems Analysis
Introduces the principles and techniques of modern system analysis and design. It explores the fundamentals of traditional systems and methodologies, data flow diagrams and case tools. It also tracks the systems' development life cycle and explains the various stages.
Computer Programming C++
Introduces C++ programming concepts and statements including input and output of data in a console application, variables and data type considerations, if-else and switch-case programming constructs, looping constructs, creating programmer defined functions, arrays, pointers, string manipulation, data structures and sequential file processing. It also introduces Object Oriented Programming in the C++ language.
Prereq: C# Introduction to Programming (10152111) OR C# Intermediate Programming (10152116) OR JavaScript (10152117)
C# Intermediate Programming
Covers C# programming concepts and statements starting with basic class/object terminology. Investigates data types, methods and behaviors, iteration, arrays, lists and collections, Windows (GUI) programming, event programming, inheritance, file IO, exception handling and Database access methods.
Prereq: Data Access for Programmers (10152168) AND C# Introduction (10152111) OR Computer Programming C++ (10152114)
Introduces concepts in developing dynamic, server–side Web applications that accept input from forms, process the data on the Web Server to maintain a database. Two approaches are covered: open source language PHP and Microsoft's ASP.Net framework. Concepts of HTML extended to learn techniques to develop a robust, interactive website.
Prereq: C#, Introduction to Programming (10152111) or JavaScript (10152117) or Visual Basic Introduction (10152115); AND HTML (10152120)
Data Administration Techniques
Covers the operation and management of client/server back-end relational databases. Topics include data definition language, table modification, creating views, indices, triggers, transactions, backup and recovery.
Prereq: Data Access for Programmers (10152168)
Advanced Software Development
Explores advanced programming techniques using the Microsoft.NET environment. Focuses on using Object Oriented Programming (OOP), advanced controls, data reporting tools, deployment methods and database access methods. Project design and management methodologies will be developed throughout the class.
Prereq: C# Intermediate Programming (10152116) AND Data Administration Techniques (10152170)
Gives students a first look at the ASP.Net architecture to create and maintain a dynamic Web site. Microsoft's Visual Studio will be used to design, code and test multi-page Web applications that use a database and manage state. Master pages and themes, grid controls and 3-tier applications are covered.
Prereq: C# Intermediate (10152116) OR PHP (10152121)
Advanced Database Design
Expands on the concepts of the Database Fundamentals course. Reviews design techniques and normalization concepts related to creating a database. Introduces the concepts of security planning, performance tuning, analysis, and deployment and maintenance duties.
Prereq: Data Administration Techniques (10152170)
Introduction to Mobile Development
Introduces students to the different stages of development for mobile applications. We will cover the different language options and the process of getting an application to be available in a world market. This class will also cover development strategies for iPhone, iPad, Android and the Windows Phone.
Prereq: C# Introduction to Programming (10152111)
Desktop Management
Introduces students to the skills needed to support client PC Operating Systems. Through significant hands-on activities, learn how to configure, secure, utilize and troubleshoot client operating systems.
Agile Development
A capstone course in which students utilize multiple Web technologies to build a complete and functional Web site in a group setting to simulate real-world development. Project design and management methodologies will also be introduced to expose students to estimating and project management techniques.
Prereq: PHP (10152121) AND ASP .Net (10152125)
Android Programming
Introduces students to designing and building mobile applications using the Android TM open-source platform using Java and Eclipse. This course provides students an in-depth overview of how to set up for Android TM development while providing an understanding of Android TM, its services and how it fits into the overall Linux run time.
Prereq: Introduction to Mobile Development (10152180)

General Studies (21 Credits)

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Written Communication
Teaches the writing process which includes prewriting, drafting and revising. Through writing assignments, students analyze audience and purpose, research and organize ideas, and format and design documents based on subject matter and content. Class sessions and assignments involve giving oral presentations and using computers.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
Math & Logic
Students will apply mathematical problem solving techniques. Topics will include symbolic logic, sets, algebra, Boolean algebra, and number bases.
Prereq: Pre-Algebra (10834109) or ACCPL Arithmetic >= 65 OR ACT Math >= 18
Oral/Interpersonal Comm
Focuses on developing various communication skills including speaking and listening. Students practice intrapersonal/interpersonal and nonverbal communication skills through oral presentations, group activities and written projects.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
Technical Reporting
Focuses on the preparation and presentation of a variety of oral and written technical reports. This course is designed as an advanced communication course for students who have completed at least the prerequisite writing course and a minimum of two semesters of relevant program course work.
Prereq: Written Comm or English Comp 1 with a C or better and a minimum of 24 college credits OR active in UW-O Cert. AODA students have additional coreq of Assessment & Diagnosis of Substance Abuse. OTA students have coreq of OT Theory & Practice.
Math w Business Apps
Covers real numbers, basic operations, linear equations, proportions with one variable, percents, simple interest, compound interest, annuities, applying math concepts to the purchasing/buying process, applying math concepts to the selling process, and basic statistics with business/consumer applications.
Prereq: ACCPL Arithmetic >= 65 OR ACT Math >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
Intro to Ethics: Theory & App
Provides a basic understanding of ethical theories and uses diverse ethical perspectives to analyze and compare relevant issues. Students will critically evaluate individual, social and/or professional standards of behavior and apply a systematic decision-making process to these situations.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.
Psychology of Human Relations
Explores the relationship between the general principles of psychology and people's everyday lives. Students seek a deepened sense of awareness of themselves and others, and to improve their relationships at work, in the family and in society.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Engl) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.

Suggested Electives (3 Credits)

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
IT Career Skills
Introduces students to the process and development of a plan for securing employment in the Information Technology field. Topics include job search strategies, resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking. Students will learn business skills to maintain professionalism in many areas including customer service, technical writing, presentations, teamwork, quality and diversity.
Prereq: JavaScript (10152117) or Scripting using Perl (10150129) or PowerShell (10150149) OR Coreq: Advanced Programming (10152113) or Adv Software Development (10152108) or Windows Server (10150156)
Oracle Database Administration
Provides comprehensive training for developing and supporting relational database applications using Oracle database and application development utilities. It also covers maintenance and management of the Oracle environment.
Prereq: Database Servers (10152162) or Data Admin Techniques (10152170)
Teaches basic concepts of programming using JavaScript and XHTML languages. Focuses on embedding JavaScript in HTML, program control logic and introduces object-oriented programming.
Prereq: HTML (10152120) or not enrolled in an IT program
iOS Programming
Provides students with an in-depth overview of how to set up for iOS development while gaining an understanding of the iOS platform and the tools available in that environment including Objective C.
Prereq: Introduction to Mobile Development (10152180)

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