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Printed on 5/21/2018

Electrical Maintenance

20-628-7 Certificate (C) 10 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Locations*: Appleton, Oshkosh

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Electrical skills are in high-demand. With this certificate, you’ll focus on the fundamentals of electrical safety, DC and AC circuits, electrical power distribution and electrical control cabinet wiring. You’ll acquire electrical and electronic knowledge, and consistent reinforcement of electrical theories through hands-on labs. Once you’ve completed this certificate, use what you’ve learned towards an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic technical diploma, Electro-Mechanical Technology associate degree or Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology associate degree.


*Course list for reference only. Current students please refer to your individualized program plan or see your advisor.

Course Title
Course Number
Prior Learning Credit
Eligibility Options
Electrical Power Distribution 1
Describes hazards of electrical work and basic approaches to working safely Students learn skills to recognize, evaluate, and control electrical hazards. Students will learn how to install and troubleshoot industrial machine safety devices such as safety switches, safety relays, light curtains, and scanners.
Coreq: Ladder Logic and Control Devices (10660170)
Electrical Power Distribution 2
Requires students to work with industrial power distribution systems. This course focuses on in-plant distribution of single-and three-phase systems as applied to automated manufacturing systems, It introduces the student to the National Electrical Code and how it applies to the electrical distribution in a plant setting. It also introduces OSHA mandated Lockout/Tagout procedures and prepares learners for additional safety training.
Coreq: Electrical Power Distribution 1
Electronic Construction Applications
Demonstrates how to lay out, install and mount industrial electronic equipment on electrical panels. Students create wiring diagrams of each electronic device and eventually wire all devices in a cabinet. Quality workmanship and craftsmanship are emphasized.
DC Circuits 1
Introduces electrical safety and program procedures. The course covers Ohm's Law, power law, series circuits, and voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter applications. Number powers, electronic notations, circuit component recognition and diagrams, resistor power ratings, color code, Kirchhoff's voltage law and atomic structure are also included.
Coreq: College Technical Math 1 (10804115) OR College Technical Math 1A (10804113) OR Industrial Maintenance Math (31804308) OR College Algebra and Trigonometry with Applications (10804197) OR Intermediate Algebra with Applications (10804118)
DC Circuits 2
Covers basic parallel and series-parallel circuits and their properties. Examines the theory, application and design of series-parallel circuits, such as loaded and unloaded voltage dividers and the Wheatstone bridge. Laboratory activities are performed to verify the theory.
Coreq: DC Circuits 1 (10660110)
DC Circuits 3
Covers capacitors and inductors including time constants and instantaneous voltage and current values of RC and RL circuits. Applications and various types of capacitors and inductors are discussed. Magnetism, electromagnetism, and devices, such as relays and solenoids, are also presented. Laboratory activities are performed to verify the theory.
Coreq: DC Circuits 2 (10660111)
AC Circuits 1
Covers AC waveforms and different voltage values including Peak, RMS, Average and Peak to Peak. The operation of transformers is also included. Laboratory activities using the oscilloscope are performed to verify the theory.
Coreq: DC Circuits 3 (10660112) OR enrolled in the Manufacturing Engineering Tech program (106233) and Coreq: DC Circuits 2 (10660111)
College Technical Math 1A
Included topics are solving linear equations; graphing; percent; proportions; measurement systems; computational geometry; and right triangle trigonometry. Emphasis will be on the application of skills to technical problems. Successful completion of College Technical Math 1A and College Technical Math 1B is the equivalent of College Technical Math 1.
Prereq: ACCPL Arithmetic >= 65 OR ACT Math >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree.

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