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Dental Hygienist

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Additional Information

There is an estimated wait time of approximately 1 -2 years AFTER your admit term to enter CORE DENTAL courses; while waiting to start CORE courses, you may choose to take general education (3 science classes are required for core) required for your program.

Viewpoint Account – When entering into the second year of the three year Dental Hygiene program, students will be required to purchase a viewpoint account; this program document tracking account is where you will upload your program requirements (immunization records, program forms, CPR, etc.). You will be communicated to about the requirement through your FVTC account closer to the start of your second year. All requirements must be met and uploaded into the student’s account prior to the beginning of the fall semester of their second year.

Students must purchase a dental instrument kit for the fall semester of their second year. The instrument kit fee will be attached to the Pre-Clinical course.

Before entering the Pre-clinical Dental Hygiene Course- Dental Hygiene Process 1, evidence of CPR certification that includes 2-person Healthcare Provider CPR must be submitted to your viewpoint account.

Your program requires that you complete Anatomy & Physiology which has the following prerequisite: ACCPL Read >= 250 OR ACT Read >= 20 OR for programs requiring TEAS a Composite >= 50 OR Program Prep; ACCPL Sentence >= 250 OR ACT Engl >=18 OR for programs requiring TEAS a Composite >= 50 OR Program Prep; and 1 cred HS Chemistry OR Gen Chemistry (10-806-134) with C or better.

This program may require professional licensure or certification; FVTC has determined that this program meets professional licensure requirements in the state of Wisconsin; however, FVTC has not determined if this program meets professional licensure requirements for other states.

Students entering an FVTC Dental Program should understand the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. For more information, please review the [Bloodborne Pathogens document]( 

Students must obtain a C grade in each required general education and core course. If a C grade is not obtained, you will be required to repeat the course.

Students are required to read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, instructors and patients. Dental Hygienists need to be able to clearly explain procedures to patients and listen to their questions and concerns.

Program Outcomes

  • Assess data on all aspects of patient/client health using methods consistent with dental hygienist scope of practice and legal principles
  • Counsel clients/patients to reduce health risks
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented client/patient dental hygiene care plan
  • Manage infection and hazard control
  • Model dental hygiene professional code of ethics
  • Provide community oral health services in a variety of settings


The Dental Hygiene associate degree program at Fox Valley Technical College is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (ADA), which means your program completion is recognized in all 50 U.S. states and you will be eligible for the Dental Hygiene National Board examination and the Central Regional Dental Testing Center (CRDTS) practical exam. The national pass rate in 2016 was 95%. In 2016, FVTC graduates had a pass rate of 100%.

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