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4-Year Credit Transfer

Transferring your FVTC credits to a four-year college has never been easier! Earn your associate degree at Fox Valley Tech then apply your credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

Starting at FVTC makes completing a bachelor’s degree affordable, accessible and convenient.

Where will my FVTC credits transfer? (PDF)

Get the same great education with a lower cost per class.

FVTC General Education classes that transfer to:

UW-Oshkosh  UW-Green Bay

Questions FVTC Graduates May Want to Ask Four-year College Representatives Regarding Transfer of Credit

  • How many credits from my associate degree will your college accept in transfer?
  • What grades do I need to earn in my classes to get credit at your college?
  • What is the minimum GPA I need to maintain to get into your college?
  • Are there courses outside my program plan that I could take at FVTC to increase credit transfer at your college?
  • Do you offer evening, weekend and/or online classes?
  • What is your per-credit tuition rate?
  • What type of financial assistance will be available to me?


Ashford University

Bellevue University

Concordia University

Franklin University

Grand Canyon University


Lakeland University

Marian University


Milwaukee School of Engineering


University of Wisconsin Green Bay

University of Wisconsin La-Crosse

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


UW River Falls

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point



Viterbo University