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This isn't your first rodeo. You've already gained real-world experience, college credit, or both. As you consider coming to FVTC, getting credit for skills already mastered is important. 

We're here to help. Tailored to your situation, we'll guide you through the evaluation process to see how your prior learning may qualify for FVTC program requirements. 

There are two main categories of credit for prior learning evaluation:


Request UNOFFICIAL Transfer Review
Want to compare your previous credits with your next goal? If you've earned credit from schools you attended previously with courses that apply to your desired FVTC program, we'd like to review your transcript.

Already applied to FVTC? Make sure you start the official credit transfer process. Contact each institution you've attended and ask to have your official transcript sent directly to:

Fox Valley Technical College
Transfer Credit Office 
P.O. Box 2277
Appleton, WI 54912-2277

Or email Transfer Credit

To order your list of credits from a University of Wisconsin school, visit UW Request a Transcript.


What are official transcripts?

Official transcripts are transcripts from the school you previously attended with the school's seal, sent directly (via mail or electronically) from the school or a verified ordering service.

Do I need transcripts from all previous schools?

Yes, if your previous courses are relevant for your FVTC program, we will need a transcript from each school you attended. If, however, those courses don't apply to your FVTC program, then you don't need to send that transcript.

How can I find out which credits will transfer to FVTC?

Fox Valley Technical College accepts transfer credits from regionally and nationally accredited institutions. Also, FVTC transfers in only the classes that are applicable to your program of study. Per FVTC policy, you must complete a minimum of 25% of the required coursework at Fox Valley Technical College in order to earn an associate degree or technical diploma from our college (for certificates, you must complete 50% of the coursework at FVTC). Your transfer credits will need to be approved by the program division to ensure the coursework meets the same academic rigor at our college.

Prior to submitting an application for admission, you can submit a request for an unofficial transcript review. We will evaluate the transcripts and email a listing of the classes that are expected to transfer to your FVTC program. 

Once you have applied to a program and have submitted your official transcripts for review, we will evaluate your transcripts and post the approved credits to your MyFVTC Account. Then we will email you a Student Transfer Evaluation. You can also view your transfer credit in your MyFVTC Account and on your unofficial transcript.

Do I need to complete Accuplacer testing if I have college credits and/or a college degree?

Not necessarily. If your admission requirements include Accuplacer testing, official college transcripts will be reviewed and some or all of the Accuplacer assessment may be waived to the general education level. If your program requires higher Accuplacer assessment scores, you will need to test to see if you meet the higher requirements.

Does my transfer credit affect my FVTC grade point average?

No. Transfer credit is designated with a grade of TC on your transcript and is not calculated in your GPA.

Does apprenticeship training transfer to FVTC?

You may receive up to 32 credits for your prior learning towards an associate degree. For more information, contact our Enrollment Services team at 920-735-5645 or

Does FVTC accept military training and credits?

Yes, we will accept military training and credits. Please submit a JST (Joint Service Transcript), SMART or ACE transcript for evaluation to the Transfer Credit Office.

Does FVTC accept transfer credits from another country?

Yes, we accept credits completed in another country. We require a Credit Assessment of your translated transcript. Credit Assessments MUST be completed by a certified evaluator and MUST include proof of certification credentials. For more information, please contact the Transfer Credit Office.

Does FVTC accept CLEP, DANTES and College Board credits?

Yes, we accept all of these credits and will transfer in the applicable courses based on the test results. Please submit test results to the transfer credit office for evaluation. If approved, the credits will be recorded as Advanced Standing (AS) on your official transcript. These courses will not apply toward your academic GPA.

How can I find out if another college will accept my FVTC credits?

We have an extensive list of partnerships and agreements with four-year colleges and universities. Check out our transfer agreements.


Work/Life Experience Interest Form
Do you have professional knowledge and skills, but not the official credentials to back them up? If you can, "Pass it. Prove it. Provide it." you may be granted credit in a program that directly relates to your experience.

The type of assessment varies:

  • Skills Test
  • Industry Certification Review
  • Work Experience/Portfolio Review (previous work experience, military training, business and industry training, etc.)

Once you submit a Work/Life Experience Interest Form, We'll guide you through the next steps. You'll get details about which courses offer assessment reviews and what type of assessment is used.

The initial review is free. If you choose to proceed with a Work/Life Experience assessment, fees are $50 per course for skills testing and $90 per course for other assessment reviews.


Credit by Examination

Before enrolling in a course, request a Work/Life Experience Assessment to see if you are eligible to receive credit without having to take the course. At the discretion of the Division Dean or designee, the evaluation is conducted through oral, written, or performance exam; portfolio development and review; or by a combination of these methods. If you successfully complete the exam/review, credit will be granted for the course. You can attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific course only once.

You may be awarded credit for a course(s) by achieving an acceptable score on an exam with nationally recognized standards including Advanced Placement (AP) exams with a score of three or above and the CLEP exams with a score of 50 or above.

Credit for Experiential Learning

Credit may be granted for previous work experience, previous military education or experience, business and industry training, advanced high school courses comparable in content and level, or other prior learning experiences. At the discretion of the Division Dean or designee responsible for the course(s) under consideration, this assessment is conducted through methods such as, but not limited to, portfolio development and review, transcript and resume review, and personal interview. Skills and knowledge gained through experiential learning must relate directly to the program course(s) and be comparable in content and level of rigor; elective credit may serve as another option.

Associate Degree Advanced Standing for Apprenticeship Training

Apprentices who have completed a minimum of 400 hours of registered apprenticeship related instruction and obtained journey-level status are eligible for 32 credits of Prior Learning Credit to meet the occupational-specific course requirements of an Associate Degree in Technical Studies-Journeyworker. To qualify, you must present documentation, including a Wisconsin Journey level certificate. You may be awarded a maximum of eight additional credits toward the associate degree for registered apprenticeship related instruction beyond the 400-hour minimum at the rate of one credit per 36 hours of instruction.

Associate Degree Advanced Standing for Technical Diploma Course Work

Prior Learning Credit can be awarded for technical diploma level coursework when applied toward an associate degree. Requests will be reviewed and authorized by the respective Division Dean. Only one credit of coursework at the associate degree level will be granted for three technical diploma credits. Competency assessment is strongly recommended for this credit to help ensure student success.