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Manufacturing Operations

In FVTC’s manufacturing operations programs, you’ll find both industrial engineering, as well as quality and process improvement. You’ll learn about the effective use of personnel, materials and machines in manufacturing and service industries.


Industrial Engineering (C)

15 Credits Locations: Appleton, Chilton, Online, Oshkosh

Become a highly skilled industrial technician with up-to-date knowledge of tools, machines, language and regulations as they apply in manufacturing. Your courses will cover topics like facility planning, material handling, work measurement and engineering economics.

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Industrial Engineering Technology (AAS)

60 Credits Locations: Appleton, Chilton, Online, Oshkosh

Prepare to be an effective team member and problem solver in today's fast-paced manufacturing environment. In this program, you’ll learn about the issues facing industrial engineering and gain core background knowledge of lean production principles. You'll also learn about the analytical methods used to evaluate, problem solve and improve processes, including Six Sigma, and how to employ these methods to improve the workplace around you. When you’ve completed this program, you'll be ready to work in the manufacturing, food processing and service industries.

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Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt (C)

19 Credits Locations: Appleton, Chilton, Online, Oshkosh

Lean Six Sigma drives operational excellence by reducing waste, eliminating defects and reducing variation in processes in any industry such as manufacturing, health care, business and service. This certificate covers the lean and statistical tools used to identify opportunities and make improvements, and introduces the elements of a successful culture of continuous improvement.

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Production Inspection & Metrology (C)

5 Credits Location: Appleton

Growing emphasis on Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP) and Advanced Production Quality Planning (APQP) puts metrology professionals in demand. You’ll receive training on basic measurement tools and advanced measurement techniques including the programming and operation of coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

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Quality, Manufacturing (C)

14 Credits Location: Appleton

There are great manufacturing careers working in the quality field. This certificate will prepare you for conducting audits, implementing preventive and corrective actions, and using statistics to monitor and improve processes. In addition, you’ll gain hands-on experience with many measurement tools commonly used in manufacturing including the programming and operation of coordinate measuring machines.

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Quality, Non-Manufacturing (C)

14 Credits Location: Appleton

Working in the food processing or health care industries? Get the skills you need for a career in the quality field. You’ll learn the basic skills to work in a laboratory environment and to troubleshoot a variety of instrumentation. In addition, you’ll learn how and why to conduct quality audits, how to take preventive and corrective actions, and how to use statistics to monitor and improve processes.

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Student Spotlight: Dave Fagan

Student Spotlight: Dave Fagan

Applied Engineering Technologies, Lean Six Sigma, and Quality Assurance
Student Spotlight: Ted Beres

Student Spotlight: Ted Beres

Industrial Engineering, Safety Emphasis

Individualized Technical Studies

Individualized Technical Studies

Thom Willecke’s eagerness to learn led him to design his own major—and earn a new career in the electronics ...

Types of Offerings

AAS - Associate Degree
TD - Technical Diploma
C - Certificate
A - Apprenticeship


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