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Why Fox Valley Tech?

Want to prepare for a career that’s in demand and offers great earning potential? You’ve come to the right place! 

Why choose Fox Valley Technical College? 

Let us count the ways…

  1. The most efficient and affordable option for higher education in the Fox Valley. You’ll pay less than half the tuition of public four-year universities.
  2. The same financial aid and scholarship opportunities as four-year colleges.
  3. Our grads get jobs! High graduate employment rate of 95%.
  4. The average starting salary of FVTC grads is $39,200.
  5. More than 200 hands-on, career-centered programs of study.
  6. Many options exist to transfer your credits, saving you money.
  7. FVTC instructors have real-world experience and care about your education.
  8. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1974.
  9. On-campus student clubs & activities to keep you busy and enhance your learning. 
  10. Two campuses and four regional centers to meet your needs.
  11. We’re flexible: on-campus or online, part-time, day, evening, weekend and accelerated classes available.
  12. Hands-on learning labs provide you with real-world learning experiences.
  13. We’ve been in the community for over 100 years. Our reputation is solid and we’re focused on the future. 

Choosing a College

Choosing a college can be exciting and overwhelming. Make sure you have the information you need by asking the right questions in your college search. 

Choosing a Career 

Undecided? We can help you identify how your personality, skills and interests can help bring your future career into focus.

Graduate Employment

95% of our graduates are employed within 6 months of graduating. Learn more about our research and graduate follow-up.

Ways To Visit

You're invited! The best way to see if Fox Valley Tech is a good fit for you is to come see us.

Check Out Ways To Visit

Why do employers hire our grads?

Because they have the necessary skills to do the job! We work closely with area employers to ensure our students are learning the skills needed in today's competitive workplace. In addition to those technical skills, you'll also learn Employability Essentials, the skills and behaviors employers want in the workplace.

Adapt to Change

Anticipate changes and positively respond to them.

Think Critically and Creatively

Apply independent and rigorous reasoning that leads to informed decisions, innovation and personal empowerment.

Work Collaboratively

Work collaboratively with others to complete tasks, solve problems, resolve conflicts, provide information and offer support.

Communicate Effectively and Respectfully

Apply appropriate writing, speaking and listening skills across various settings to engage diverse audiences.

Act Responsibly

Apply ethical standards in both personal and professional behavior.

Average FVTC Grad Salary

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