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Surgical Technology

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* Tuition and fees are subject to change. For more details, see Cost of Attendance (PDF).


Skills Assessment

An academic skills assessment is required for admission into this program or the following: High School GPA of 2.75 or higher (last 10 years) OR provide completion of associate’s or higher degree OR; 165 or higher on your 2014 series GED tests OR; ACT OR SAT OR Accuplacer OR Companion OR Compass (last 3 years) to waive to the general education level; The cost of the Accuplacer assessment is $15; Catalog #: 94100100; Learn more at

High School Transcript

Submit a final, official high school transcript or an official copy of GED/HSED certification scores. Current high school students must submit an official in-progress transcript and a final official transcript after graduation..

Surg Tech Technical Standards

Read, acknowledge, and submit the Technical Standards found at:

Additional Information

You must satisfy requirements for a Criminal/Caregiver Background Check, health history, CPR/BLS and immunizations prior to clinical/practicum experience; Students will be required to electronically submit all clinical documentation, including immunizations and COVID vaccine; Directions will be provided once a student is accepted for core Surgical Technology courses.

Your program requires that you complete Anatomy & Physiology which has the following prerequisite: ACCPL Read >= 250 OR ACT Read >= 20 OR for programs requiring TEAS a Composite >= 50 OR Program Prep; ACCPL Sentence >= 250 OR ACT Engl >=18 OR for programs requiring TEAS a Composite >= 50 OR Program Prep; and 1 cred HS Chemistry OR Gen Chemistry (10-806-134) with C or better.

This program may require professional licensure or certification; FVTC has determined that this program meets professional licensure requirements in the state of Wisconsin; however, FVTC has not determined if this program meets professional licensure requirements for other states.

Students must obtain a C or better grade in core Surgical Technology courses, Medical Terminology and science courses. 

The clinical portion of the program is a supervised and UNPAID experience. All activities in the program must be educational and students must not be substituted for staff. 

Students are required to read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, instructors and patients. Surgical Technologists must be able to communicate efficient and effectively with the surgeon and operating room team in order to anticipate, understand and meet the needs of the patient.

Program Goal: To prepare entry-level Surgical Technologists who are competent in the Cognitive (Knowledge), Psychomotor (skills) and affective (behavior) learning domains to enter the profession.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply healthcare and technological science principles to the perioperative environment - Cognitive
  • Function as an ethical, legal, and professional member of the healthcare team as determined by governing bodies - Affective
  • Maintain principles of sterile technique in the surgical environment - Psychomotor
  • Perform intraoperative case management in the scrub role - Psychomotor
  • Perform postoperative case management - Psychomotor
  • Prepare the patient, operating room and surgical team for the preoperative phase - Psychomotor
  • Provide a safe, efficient, and supportive environment for the patient - Psychomotor


The Surgical Technology Program at Fox Valley Technical College has a site visit scheduled for pursuing initial accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs [(]( This step in the process is neither a status of accreditation nor a guarantee that accreditation will be granted.

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