Whether you’re interested in residential, commercial or industrial construction, FVTC has a program for you. There are a wide variety of options from degree and certificate programs to apprenticeships.


  • Construction Management Technology (AAS)

    63 Credits Location: Oshkosh

    Are you ready to move up to project manager or supervisor in residential, commercial or industrial construction? This program will give you the necessary skills to determine the human, physical and financial resources necessary for project activities. You’ll learn to control costs, manage documents and supervise others to be an effective project manager. Your training will include work with subcontractors, suppliers and field staff to learn how to provide timely, cost-effective project completion. If you have limited construction background, internships will give you valuable experience. You will be well prepared to assume the duties of a construction project manager.

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  • Construction Project Coordinator (C)

    20 Credits Location: Oshkosh

    If you are new to the construction business or want to increase your depth of knowledge in commercial construction materials, methods and construction criteria, this certificate program is for you. You'll master skills in site and building material selection and installation methods, and will learn to evaluate construction plans and specifications for job site supervision. You'll also integrate sustainable design and construction practices into the material and methods of construction. Your classes will cover building plans and specifications, codes, site safety and inspection techniques. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice your skills with daily construction site activities including meetings, submittals, bulletins and shop drawing review.

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  • Construction Project Supervision (C)

    15 Credits Location: Oshkosh

    Experienced construction supervisors and commercial construction workers seeking advanced project management skills will find them here. You’ll learn how to manage projects, estimate costs and schedule jobs. You will also learn how to keep workers safe on the job and how to manage contracts. Field study allows you to investigate a specific area of project supervision and you’ll gain experience through an internship.

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  • Construction Safety Technology (AAS)

    60 Credits Location: Online

    A solid background in construction safety will make you a valuable member of the construction site team. Your understanding of OSHA requirements and industry best practices will make the project as efficient as possible through the control of hazards and prevention of injuries. Your training includes a wide variety of industrial and construction safety topics including OSHA Industrial and Manufacturing standards, fall protection, trenching and excavation, material handling, incident investigations and safety management techniques. Graduates will find jobs with general and specialty contractors such as mechanical and electrical contractors.

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  • Construction, Residential Building (TD)

    39 Credits Location: Oshkosh

    Learn to build or remodel a home from start to finish in this technical diploma program. Gain skills in exterior and interior finishing and frame construction with valuable hands-on experience constructing or remodeling a complete home. You’ll learn how to read blueprints and become familiar with residential building codes. You’ll also gain experience with the tools, machinery and equipment used in this industry. Expert instructors help you develop the work ethic, teamwork, flexibility and communication skills employers are looking for.

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  • Construction, Small Business Management (C)

    9 Credits Location: Oshkosh

    Would you like to own your own construction business someday? This certificate will give you the foundational skills in both managing the construction process, as well as owning and operating a small business. In addition to your Construction Management training, you'll also be exposed to all aspects of business ownership including legal formation, taxes and insurance, licensing, funding sources and bookkeeping. This certificate can be combined with other degree programs.

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  • Electrician Apprentice (ABC) (A)

    16 Credits Location: Appleton

    Electricians work on residential, commercial and industrial projects providing electrical service. Once employed, you can enroll in this apprenticeship and will learn how to install new wiring and other fixtures such as breaker boxes, switches and motor controls. Through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction, you’ll gain skills to install equipment for generating, transforming and distributing electricity. You’ll also learn to plan and lay out electrical systems around the work of other trades. This program involves some paid and some unpaid instruction. The electrician apprenticeship is a multiple year commitment that leads to a stable, well-paid career.

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  • Electricity (TD)

    33 Credits Location: Appleton

    Whether you want to be an electrician’s helper or pursue an electrical apprenticeship, this program will give you the skills to get started. Gain basic knowledge of electrical code, print reading, installation requirements and electrical equipment. You’ll also learn how to test electrical circuits and interpret electrical diagrams and construction drawings. Then you’ll put your knowledge and skills to work on an actual residential construction site.

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  • Operating Engineer Apprentice (A)

    11.75 Credits Location: Wautoma

    Want to learn to operate heavy equipment and work outdoors? This apprenticeship prepares you to operate cranes, dozers, scrapers, loaders, motor graders, tractor loader backhoes and more. As an operating engineer, you’ll work on construction projects such as commercial and residential developments, dams, roadways, etc. Or you could work in plants that produce rock, sand and gravel, or clean up hazardous waste sites. You’ll learn blueprint reading, how to maintain your equipment and safe work site procedures. This program requires you to first be employed before starting your on-the-job and classroom instruction.

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  • Pipe Trades Preparation (TD)

    26 Credits Location: Appleton

    The Pipe Trades Preparation program provides theoretical and hands-on applications that develop the basic skills and knowledge you need for a pipe trades career in the construction industry. Your training will cover plumbing; pipefitting; sprinkler fitting; blueprint reading; trade-specific mathematics; measurement, layout, welding and cutting; tool use; computer-aided design; computer literacy; first aide; safety and communications. Upon graduation, you’ll be eligible to enter a state-approved apprenticeship program coordinated through the Department of Workforce Development, Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards or directly enter the construction industry.

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  • Plumbing Apprentice (A)

    16 Credits Location: Appleton

    Plumbers work on residential, commercial and industrial projects providing potable water and sanitary drain and vent systems. In this program, you will learn the proper installation techniques for these systems, and through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction, you’ll gain the skills to install the associated piping, fittings and fixtures, and the code knowledge related to the trade. You’ll also learn to plan and lay out plumbing systems around the work of other trades. This program involves both paid and unpaid instruction and requires you to first be employed before starting your on-the-job and classroom instruction.

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  • Steamfitting Apprentice (A)

    16 Credits Location: Appleton

    A steamfitter constructs, installs and repairs pipes and equipment made to withstand high pressure. You'll learn how to install wet heating systems, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. You’ll gain welding and pipefitting skills, along with a thorough knowledge of the principles of heating and cooling and all temperature controls. This program requires you to first be employed and involves five years of on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

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  • Steamfitting Service Apprentice (A)

    16 Credits Location: Appleton

    Steamfitters doing refrigeration and service work will install, maintain, troubleshoot, diagnose and service systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. You could work in a variety of industries on equipment and controls for piping systems that carry water, steam, chemicals, compressed air, liquid gasses or fuel. You’ll learn about blueprint reading, specifications and rigging equipment. You’ll also learn how to measure, cut, bend, prepare and join all types of pipe. Your training will cover pressure testing for leaks, as well as the detection of problems in electronic, pneumatic, digital, electrical, software or programmable logic controls. This program requires you to first be employed and involves five years of on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

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Types of Offerings

AAS - Associate Degree
TD - Technical Diploma
C - Certificate
A - Apprenticeship

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